10 Most Visited Countries in the World ...


10 Most Visited Countries in the World ...
10 Most Visited Countries in the World ...

Every year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization compiles and publishes the list of the most visited countries in the world. To be honest, none of the entries will come as a surprise, although the order according to number of visitors is interesting. Here are the most visited countries in the world.

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France France has headed the list for the past 3 years. France is a country of elegance, fine wines, and historical diversity. What makes it one of the most visited countries in the world is a combination of what it has to offer and its geographical position as the crossroads which leads to Germany and the Low Countries, as well as to the Mediterranean nations and the Iberian Peninsula. Enjoy high-brand Parisian fashion, sample the delectable wines of the vineyards, and embrace a sunshine paradise on the French Riviera. Wander lavender fields in Provence, blow the cobwebs from the brain on Brittany’s beaches and cruise rivers through glorious countryside.



USA As well as being the center of the Western world, the USA offers something for everyone. From the high-rise skyscrapers and Broadway shows of New York City to the warm nights of the celebrity-centric Los Angeles, crossing from East to West is like arriving in another country. Millions have enjoyed the wonders of a road trip across the USA. To put it simply, it’s one of the most popular countries for tourists as it just has so much to see and do. Whether you want the thrills and spills of a Florida theme park, a gorgeous beach on the Gulf of Mexico, the history of the nation in Boston or the vast wonderment of the Grand Canyon, the list of attractions in the USA is seemingly endless.



China China is one of the top countries to visit because it has opened its doors and embraced tourism over the last few decades. The country leads the world in investment in tourism and it’s obviously paying off – China has jumped a place to be 3rd in the list of the world’s most visited countries. Despite its authoritarian government, China is a country wrapped in a history dating back to the 1st Century. There’s truly nothing like walking along the Great Wall or traversing the futuristic streets of Shanghai, which is slowly sinking into the water due to its immense weight. And with its amazing natural attractions and fascinating culture and festivals, China is a traveler’s dream.



Spain Spain is a country of contrast. The Moorish architecture of Seville and Granada welcome thousands of history buffs each year, you have a rich sporting history in Barcelona FC and Real Madrid and the food culture is so hospitable. Look to the Balearic and Canary Islands and you can experience some of the wildest parties in the world. Visit at specific times of year and you can see some unique Spanish cultural festivals like the ‘Running of the Bulls’ in Pamplona. This is why it’s one of the most visited countries.



Italy The center of the Roman Empire and now a country of style and high design, Italy is amongst the most popular countries and one of the most tourist friendly. The more rural south offers a quiet getaway with the gorgeous Neapolitan Riviera and Sicily drawing the crowds. Go north and you have a variety of artistic treasures in Rome and old Firenze (Florence), where Da Vinci and Botticelli plied their trades. From stunning beaches for the summer, pristine snow covered slopes for winter sports and a clutch of gorgeous lakes, and let’s not forget the food – Italy has something for everyone.

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Great Britain

Great Britain Most tourists say Great Britain is one of the best countries to visit. London is the center of this nation as it’s a cultural hot spot with huge immigrant communities bringing a fabulous twist to the traditional travel attractions like the Tower of London and Big Ben. Explore the country more, though, and you can gaze at the stunning landscape of the Scottish Highlands or enjoy a holiday cottage in the rolling green Welsh Valleys. Visit chocolate box villages in the Cotswolds or breezy but beautiful sandy beaches on the East Coast.



Turkey With Istanbul acting as the former head of the Eastern Roman Empire (when it was known as Constantinople), it’s the only city which sits on two continents. Taste some traditional Turkish coffee in the small cafes of Istanbul, or travel further afield to sites like the Grotto of St. Peter in Antioch (Antakya), where it was said St. Peter the Apostle preached to a congregation. With sites of the ancient world and gorgeous beaches and an amazing food culture, Turkey is renowned for its welcome to visitors.



Germany Germany is perhaps the country with the most difficult history. After only becoming a united country under Bismarck in the late 19th century, it’s been devastated physically and economically by war and iron divisions. But it’s maintained its heart with fabulous sites like the historic German Reichstag in Berlin with its ultra-modern glass dome and the Rhineland castles. The gorgeous natural attractions of the Black Forest and the mighty rivers are a charm for outdoors lovers, while the cities are a delightful mix of the uber-trendy and traditional. Like Spain, it has a marvelous sporting heritage with teams like Bayern Munich being renowned all around Europe. It’s no wonder Germany is one of the most visited countries.



Mexico Mexico isn’t just a tropical paradise. Yes, with a fully developed tourism industry in centers like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, you can scuba dive in warm waters or wade through jungles in search for exotic and colorful birds, but the history is fascinating with the Mayan and Spanish heritage and there’s some surprising beauty in its landscapes. It’s also become one of the most popular countries due to its fledgling medical tourism industry in historical cities like Guadalajara.



Malaysia This is probably the only surprise in the list of the 10 most visited countries in the world – personally I’d have thought Thailand would be ahead but not so. You have Kuala Lumpur, the capital and a major urbanized zone offering an insight into how the locals live their lives. The resort city of Sarawak has everything a visitor needs with local operators offering luxury holidays in the shadow of the Gunung Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elsewhere, the country is simply stunning. The beaches and the tropical rainforests and idyllic islands are just sublime.

To me there’s one place missing from this list and that is Australia. I think if more US tourists found their way down under, word would spread about just how simply marvelous Australia is and it would become one of the world’s most visited countries. Which country would you like to see on the list?

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You forgot india!!its wondeful!

Hey, how about the beautiful and ancient country of Kazakhstan. Anyone been their? Quairly Tun!

Greece isn't in the list? Seriously? How precise is this list? Especially during the summer is more croweded than every other country, and objectively Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world withe the greatest history of all the others which are on the list...

For what concerns Turkey, Istanbul is not the capital!!! Since 1923 Ankara is the new capital of Turkey! Saying this, I really suggest to visit Istanbul, it's magical city! But as a proud Italian, Italy is also an amazing country :) turkey and Italy are not so far from each other and you can find very low cost flights that connect the countries from many cities, so you can consider to visit both countries during some days of holiday!

Surprised to see turkey, but wow the pics of china and Germany are so beautiful

Try Philippines! :)

I am going to Japan and China! :-)))

I think they're missing Canada and Nee Zealand on that list. By far two of the most amazing countries out there! (I biasly say typing from Canada )

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