10 Largest Island Countries ...

We’re going to take a look at the world’s largest island countries. These are not necessarily going to be the world’s largest islands because a number of those are split and owned by more than one nation, and for the purpose of this article I’m also discounting Australia as, depending on which definition you choose, it is now classed as a continent. So, these are the 10 largest island countries, islands solely occupied by one nation.

1. Greenland

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Greenland is a place of wonder and top of the world’s largest island countries by area – some 823,000 square miles. It is a land of ice and snow for most of the year. Roads are few and the best way to get around is by dog sled, although during the summer months islanders will use cars and kayaks. In winter it is blindingly white, but come the summer, for just a short time, the island blossoms and green appears along with some surprisingly beautiful flowers.

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