7 of the World's Best Eco-Friendly Beaches ...

If your idea of paradise is cashmere soft sands, swaying palm trees and crystal waters, but you’re also concerned about the environment, the world’s best eco-friendly beaches will be high on your vacation list. Countries around the world have “clean” classification systems, such as Europe’s Blue Flag scheme, but cleanliness isn’t a sign of conservation and sustainability. Eco-friendly beaches are pristine sanctuaries to wildlife and travelers alike.

1. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

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Now this is my idea of paradise. For a beach to win awards as the “Cleanest Beach in Queensland” is some accolade. And if that crown isn’t enough, Whitehaven Beach has also won national awards for environmental protection and resource recovery/sustainability. Of all the eco-friendly beaches, this is up there with the best. Whitehaven Beach is found on Whitsunday Island in the (no surprise) Whitsunday Islands, a chain of 74 islands lying in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

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