7 of the Most Important Historical Sites in China ...

There are so many historical sites in China that it's hard to choose which to visit first when you get the chance to go to the Middle Kingdom. China used to be the “Forbidden Nation,” in which the world had to look at through the glass darkly. Well, not anymore, with airlines crisscrossing the nation. The amazing history of 2,500 years (and counting!) is open for all to see and experience. Here are seven suggested historical sites in China that are simply “must see.”

1. The Forbidden City

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There was a reason it was forbidden as for centuries every Chinese citizen could only wonder what fabulous treasures the emperors of China experienced behind those massive closed doors. But today, the doors of the Forbidden City are open and all you need to do is to pay the entrance fee to get inside one of the historical sites in China. Well, that and getting an English-speaking tour guide.

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