7 Fabulous Things to do in Finland ...

You may never have given much thought to the things to do in Finland. Nestling between Russia and Sweden, Finland is one of the quiet countries of Europe – it never makes a noise about anything really. Despite this, it has a lot to shout about as a tourist destination. It is stunningly beautiful and its cities are full of interest, ancient and modern. Come with me on a short resume of some of the things to do in Finland and see whether it’s a place you could see yourself visiting.

1. Visit Helsinki

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Of course, one of the essential things to do in Finland is visit the capital. Set around a glorious harbor, on an inlet studded coastline and festooned with many small islands, it has less of an olde world feel than many European capitals. Art Nouveau and modern quirkiness sit side by side, there are world class museums and a vibrant cafΓ© culture. Some of the main sites are Porvoo Old Town, Sibelius Park, the Open-Air Museum, Kiasma and Senaatintori.

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