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With the official license plate motto of “Yours to Discover,” you just know there is going to be some great things to do in Ontario. Covering a massive land area, Canada isn’t overly-populous, but a greater proportion lives in Ontario than in any other province. The people enjoy a wonderful balance of cultural richness and scenic adventures and you can too, with these things to do in Ontario.

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Attend the Pow Wow in Manitoulin

Attend the Pow Wow in Manitoulin One of the best things to do in Ontario is to experience a summertime pow wow. Every year in August, the people of Wikwemikong First Nation Reserve celebrate their culture through dancing, feasting and music. Three local tribes get together and host visitors from all directions in this annual festival. The highlight of the event is the dance competition, where some intricate and brilliant outfits covered in beading and feathers are on display.


Got to the Theatre in Stratford

Got to the Theatre in Stratford Stratford is the home of teenage sensation Justin Bieber. However, a much better reason to visit is the city’s popular theatre scene. The Stratford Festival, which started in 1953 and showcases the works of great artists like Shakespeare, is a must visit when in Ontario – or even worth a dedicated trip if you love theatre. Famous performers over time have included names like Paul Gross, Jessica Tandy, Eric McCormack, Dame Maggie Smith and many more.


Take a Boat Tour of the 1000 Islands

Take a Boat Tour of the 1000 Islands The 1000 Islands is a historic region located on the St. Lawrence River along the border of Northern New York State and Southeastern Ontario. It is one of the best places to go in Ontario. You have the option of taking a boat cruise through the area, which will allow you to witness the breathtaking beauty of the 1864 small islands. You’ll spot some ancient castles, clear waters and sandy beaches during the boat trip, which will certainly entice you into jumping out of the boat and spending a day on those beaches!


Discover Ottawa

Discover Ottawa There’s plenty to explore in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is very definitely a capital that dresses the part. Gothic government buildings are imposing and enjoy a commanding position on a bluff overlooking the Ottawa River. The Changing of the Guard ceremony is one you should definitely tick off in your guide book. There are plenty of excellent museums to browse and if you’re in Ottawa in the spring, the Canadian Tulip Festival is a charm.


Visit Niagara Falls

Visit Niagara Falls I bet you wondered if this was coming? I couldn’t have a list of things to do in Ontario without including one of the greatest and most famous natural attractions in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are not on your honeymoon, or that you’ve already seen the falls from the USA side, the spectacle of those 740,000 gallons of Niagara River water cascading and crashing never gets boring. And cliché or not, no-one should pass up a chance to take a trip on the Maid of the Mist.


Follow the Wine Route

Follow the Wine Route As one of only two major wine growing regions in Canada (the other being British Columbia), following the wine route is one of the almost unique things to do in Ontario. The wine trail around the Niagara Peninsula is well marked and a perfect trip in the summer months. The Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario shores are populated by charming communities with plenty of historic sites to see when you’re not quaffing delicious white wines. You must try “liquid gold,” the Canadian version of German Eiswein (Ice Wine).


Explore Point Pelee National Park

Explore Point Pelee National Park It’s quite hard to narrow down the gorgeous national parks in Canada to just one, but when it comes to Ontario, the choice has to be Point Pelee National Park. Point Pelee is the southernmost point in mainland Canada, sitting on the Huron-Erie Peninsula. The ten-mile sand spit divides the two Great Lakes for which it is named. What makes this national park so special is that it has a greater diversity than anywhere else in Canada. It is particularly rich in migratory birds with more than 350 different species.

Covering an area as large as Spain and France combined, there’s a ton of great things to do in Ontario. Every type of traveler and holidaymaker will find something here worthy visiting/doing. So come on all you Ontarian readers, share some more fabulous stuff with us!

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As a Canadian girl (: born in BC and raised in Ontario I am rather surprised the CN Tower was not mentioned haha it's super cool!

I have lived in Ontario for my entire life and have done none of these things except niagra falls


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