7 Great Tourist Activities to do in New Zealand ...

I love New Zealand - it is truly a beautiful country and there are so many great tourist activities that it makes for an unforgettable holiday destination. Remember the beautiful scenery from The Lord of the Rings? Well most of the scenes were shot in New Zealand. From magnificent snow-capped mountains to volcanic wonderlands and swimming with dolphins, you will truly lose your heart in this natural playground. For adventurers and thrill seekers especially there are a multitude of great tourist activities; take a look at my list.

1. Kayaking in the Abel Tasmin

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Gently paddle your way through clear turquoise waters as you kayak in the Abel Tasmin region. You are guaranteed to see seals in this special marine reserve and with your kayak you are able to get up and close to these beautiful animals. After a full day of kayaking there is the option to camp in DOC Huts or in boat hostel, before you wake up and hike back through the lush green hillside. Just remember to pack your swim suit you will be hard pressed to resist getting in the water. Without your suit, this is still one of my great tourist activities.

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