7 Awesome Things to do in the Azores ...

There might well be some very awesome things to do in the Azores, but maybe first you need to know something about this charming destination. The Azores are a group of islands – nine in fact – in the mid-Atlantic, off the coast of West Africa, owned by Portugal. The scenery is breathtaking and the culture European with a touch of everything else thrown in. The things to do in the Azores will suit travelers looking for sun, sea and sand, wildlife lovers and adventurers.

1. Go Underground

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The Azores are volcanic islands, and thus they are home to amazing underground caves and have an out-of-this-world landscape above ground. One of the most awesome things to do in the Azores for those who love a little adventure is to explore the wonders of the underground world. You could go canyoning on Sao Miguel or Flores, and descend into the islands’ slippery, wet chasms through waterfalls and pools. Another one of the underground attractions of the Azores is the Alvar do Carvao volcanic vent, with its colorful and cheery stalactites and stalagmites. This is an easier tour, so you can enjoy it even if you are not exactly Indiana Jones.

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