7 Fabulous Italian Road Trips ...

There are many, many reasons to go on Italian road trips. Italy is more than just the land of pizza and pasta, fast cars, high fashion, and Renaissance architecture. Italy is a wonderful country full of amazing sights, wonderful culture and fabulous people. Taking an Italian road trip is a great way to cram in as many of these experiences as you can. It is not a massive country, so on road trips in Italy you can cover a lot of ground in a reasonably short time. From coast to coast, north to south and east to west, here are 7 fabulous Italian road trips.

1. Costeria Amalfitana

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The Amalfi coastline is one of the most scenic spots in the whole of Europe. It is probably the shortest of Italian road trips, but trust me, it is more than worth it. Plus you’ll be so awed by the scenery and the charming towns that you’ll be making plenty of stops en route, so it will take longer than you imagine. Make your starting point Salerno. Travel along towering bluffs, through pastel-colored towns and villages, clinging to hillsides with narrow streets that wind down to golden beaches and bluer than blue seas. Drive past olive and citrus groves along cornice roads and past luxuriant and fragrant gardens. Pass through Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano, then reach Sorrento. It’s so wonderful, you’ll probably turn the car around, and do this fabulous Italian road trip in reverse.

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