8 Top Canadian Resorts for Winter Sports ...


8 Top Canadian Resorts for Winter Sports ...
8 Top Canadian Resorts for Winter Sports ...

There are truly some magical places for winter sports in Canada. The Great White North is well known for its winter sports culture, and the gorgeous and varied sceneries that are spread across the second largest country on Earth certainly make a visit to Canada in winter an experience in itself. Whether you are looking for family-friendly resorts for winter sports in Canada where you can enjoy yourself, or a wide array of challenging slopes where you can master your skills and techniques, you will no doubt find that beautiful Canada has much to offer, regardless of your level of experience. Here are the top 8 Canadian resorts for winter sports.

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Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Two hours away from Vancouver lies the former host site of the 2010 Winter Olympics Games. The beautiful town resort of Whistler, considered by many to be among the world’s top winter resorts, is set in the heart of the British Columbia Coast Mountains and offers visitors the opportunity to partake in a wide array of winter activities on its 8,600 acres of snowy slopes. The two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, receive an average of 410 inches of snow per year and the town itself is filled with bars and restaurants and is home to a number of world-class snow schools. The fame of winter sports in Canada owes much to the resort of Whistler Blackcomb.


Mount-Tremblant, Quebec

Quebec’s heritage is an interesting mix of European and North American culture, and the resort of Mount Tremblant certainly takes pride in both. Located within a few kilometers of Montreal, Mount Tremblant Resort offers winter sports enthusiasts more than 600 acres of snowboarding and skiing terrain and a variety of luxurious ski-in, ski-out accommodations. Its location in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains and its charming pedestrian village make Mount-Tremblant the premier destination for winter sports in Canada.


Banff, Alberta

With the impressive Castle Mountain dominating the scenery, Banff has become a popular winter sports destination in Canada. The three resorts that lay in proximity of Banff, often referred to as the Big Three, have become leading resorts not only in the province but also in the country. Sunshine Village, Lake Louise Mountain Resort and Mt. Norquay are all part of Banff Provincial Park and are all connected by free shuttles. From snowboarding and ice skating to skiing and dog sledding, these resorts are packed with things to do and see.


Marmot Basin Resort, Jasper, Alberta

Part of the Jasper National Park, and a mere 20 minutes away from the lovely town of Jasper, lies one of the wildest and less crowded places for skiing in Canada. 3,000 vertical feet of skiing and snowboarding terrain spreads across 1,675 acres of slopes, and 86 trails make Marmot Basin Resort an ideal destination for anyone seeking an off the radar, peaceful winter sports resort in Canada.


Le Massif Resort, Quebec

About one hour away from the capital of the province, Quebec City, Le Massif rises proudly above the majestic and historical St. Lawrence River. Renowned for its steep runs, beautiful scenery, and delicious cuisine, this resort is a rich experience of culture and winter sports in Canada. Le Massif itself is the mountain that receives the biggest annual snowfall each year in Eastern Canada (averaging about 650 feet). It is also the one with the greatest vertical drop (770 metres).


Big White, Kelowna, British Colombia

56 kilometers southeast of Kelowna can be found the largest Canadian ski resort and British Columbia’s second largest mountain, Big White. This ski-in, ski-out resort is best suited for intermediate skiers and snowboarders, its varied terrains offering plenty of snow and trees for shelter. With 2,765 acres covered with 100% natural champagne powder, this family-friendly resort boasts one of the country’s longest seasons, the latter usually beginning in Mid-November and ending in Mid-April.


Kicking Horse, Golden, British Columbia

Situated in the town of Golden, British Columbia, Kicking Horse is one of the newest ski resorts in Canada. Flanked by impressive and towering peaks, and surrounded by six national parks, Kicking Horse is idyllically located in the Purcell Range of the Rocky Mountains and is home to the tallest verticals in the Rockies. Each year the resort receives about 23 feet of light, dry powder snow. A wider array of winter activities is available during the season, ranging from ice skating and snowshoeing, to tubing and cross-country skiing.


Sun Peaks, Kamloops, British Columbia

This family-friendly resort is surrounded by Tod Mountain, Sundance Mountain and Mount Morrissey. From cross-country skiing, snowboarding and downhill-skiing, Sun Peaks offer Canadian winter sports enthusiasts glorious terrains and scenery for an affordable price. Its terrain is the third largest skiing area in Canada and the second largest in the province.

From Western to Eastern Canada, when winter settles and the first skiers kick off the season on the snow covered mountains, it is time for celebration. This winter, don’t spend it dreaming of summer; join in the fun and discover everything that a real winter has to offer in the best winter sports resorts in Canada. What are some of your favorite resorts for winter sports, in Canada or elsewhere?

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I live in Canada, and my favourite winter resort is by far Red Mountain Resort, in Rossland, BC. Beautiful scenery, lovely weather, tons of snow and over 80 ski runs. It's a great place for any powder hounds to hit. :)

Every year, my extended family and I take a big week long trip to Canada to ski and snowboard. We always go to Stoneham in Québec. It's a small mountain, but it is so family friendly, not so packed, and absolutely beautiful that we can't imagine going anywhere else. I've been going every year since I was a baby!

Canada rules. Proud to be Canadian and be able to survive skiing in -30c

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