8 Best Beaches for Winter 2012 ...


8 Best Beaches for Winter 2012 ...
8 Best Beaches for Winter 2012 ...

Does the thought of the best winter beaches get your toes tingling? Just because the weather has gone cold and you have swapped your sandals for your socks doesn’t mean that there are not still some of the best winter beaches to visit all over the world. A sun-kissed beach is surely the best escape from a chilly, miserable winter. So if you are looking for a fabulous sunshine vacation to run off to, here is a list of the 8 Best Beaches for Winter 2012/3.

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Paeau Beach, Mo'orea, off Tahiti

Irresistibly intoxicating, this little island gem is a relatively unknown neighbor to its famous Polynesian celebrity sister, Tahiti, which helps make it one of the best winter beaches. Close your eyes and conjure up images of the whitest, softest beach sand, mesmerizing turquoise waters all fringed with an horizon of gently swaying palm leaves. Open your eyes, and step out into a scene that is so perfect, so picturesque you can hardly believe it. Famous for the heart shaped coral bed that peeks alluringly out of the sparkling azure waters, could it even get more romantic than that?


L'Hermitage Beach, Réunion Island

It is not hard to wonder why this particular beach remains a firm favorite among sun worshippers and is one of the best winter beaches around. Step out onto L’Hermitage beach, tucked away on Reunion Island, just around the sea corner from sultry Mauritius, and you will be whisked away into another world. The beach is surrounded by a panoramic fringe of rugged black volcanic rock, jutting out between the lush and elegant casuarina trees and overlooking a sweeping, breeze ruffled view of the ocean.


Hikkaduwa Beach, Hakkaduwa, Sri Lanka

Just 3 and a half hours south of the capital of Sri Lanka – Colombo – brings you to Hikkaduwa beach. Sparkling azure waters, endless colorful coral reefs and an abundance of brightly colored tropical fish are just some of the lures that bring tourists back again and again to this breathtaking stretch of sea and sand. Great surfing and the legendary beach festival – Hikkafest – held annually during July and August make this one of the best beaches for winter sun.


Manafaru Beach, Maldives

If the Maldives conjure up National Geographic perfect scenes of glittering turquoise waters, soft powdery white sands, soft swaying palm trees and tranquil lagoons filled with bronzed bodies in bikinis sipping cocktails, then you would be spot on. If you’re looking for the best winter beaches to escape the seasonal blues for some sun, this Indian Ocean haven has some of the most picturesque scenes that could have just fallen straight out of a travel catalogue.


Sayulita, Mexico

Perched in the fringes of the Caribbean coastline and the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean, bordered by soft white sands, the Mexican beach of Sayulita is a true paradise amongst the best winter beaches. Escape to the golden foreshore where the only thing separating you from becoming one with the beach are your flip flops. Chill out and watch the bronzed bodies take on the soapy surf with their boards and shield your eyes from the balmy sun while you slowly sip a beer.


Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Trendy, super hip and charismatic, the Costa Rica summer playground – Playa Tamarindo is the true sultry socialite of the Pacific Ocean. Awesome waves, jet setters sprawling on their deck chairs cocktails in hand, and strips of golden beachfront as far as they eye can see make this one of the most coveted and top winter beaches. Stick around after the sun goes down to see the rays of shooting stars.


Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Bermuda – famous for its enviable weather, incredible never-ending beaches, a glorious laid back lifestyle and panoramic ocean views -- is entirely in a class of its own when it comes to winter beach vacations. Pink beaches, fresh seafood, cold beer, jaw dropping sunsets and beach front picnics with the sounds of the soapy surf rolling back and forth, are just some of the delights to look forward to.


Cocal Beach, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Unpretentious, tucked away and virtually deserted, this shy little beach is a far cry from its more outgoing and modern sibling – Big Corn Island. There is something intoxicating and utterly charming about the quaint bungalows, white cashmere soft sand and gentle swaying palms, far away from the big, glitzy beach resorts.

If you are looking for the ultimate winter beach vacations, you may have to go further afield than for a summer vacation but, hey, wouldn’t it be worth it? Which one of these was your favorite on our list of the best winter beaches?

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If this is an international app, I understand, but Miami Beach is amazing all year and especially during the winter. And if you're American, no better thing than a purely luxurious tropical vacation while helping feed our own economy:) safe travels!

Sayulita is gorgeous!

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