7 Exotic Destinations for Sexy Couples to Find That Special We Time ...

Many sexy couples dream of exotic destinations where the prime focus is on themselves and a glorious setting to simply enjoy each other. Unfortunately for most, the opportunity may only present itself at honeymoon time. That doesn’t stop us losing ourselves in daydreams of palm fringed beaches where the only footprints are your own, and halcyon days and nights when only the pleasure principle matters. Take a look at these choice exotic destinations and be whisked away on a fantasy to brighten any day.

1. St Maarten/St. Martin

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The Caribbean has plenty of exotic destinations, including a good number of couples-only resorts. If, however, what you yearn for is not the couple package deal but somewhere with secluded beaches, spas, outdoor activities and romantic restaurants, St. Martin/St Maarten is an excellent choice. The island has two names because the island is shared by the French and Dutch and the culture of both is very evident – French to the north, Dutch to the South. The white sand beaches are sublime, the diving and snorkeling top-notch and with the French connection, it's thought of as the culinary hot spot of the Caribbean.

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