7 Innovative Summer Travel Products That Really Rock ...


7 Innovative Summer Travel Products That Really Rock ...
7 Innovative Summer Travel Products That Really Rock ...

Wherever you’re going on vacation, a few well-chosen summer travel products can make a great trip even more enjoyable and easier. Packing for a flight abroad or a road trip is like planning a military maneuver, so anything that helps on this front is a major advantage. Check out these great summer travel products.

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The Best Beach Blanket Ever

The Best Beach Blanket Ever It’s not very often I use superlatives but in this case it is warranted. To carry a towel to the beach you need an oversized bag, then it’s heavy when it gets wet and clogged with sand, and it takes forever to dry. This is one of the summer travel products I believe anyone who goes to the beach absolutely must have, and it can be used for picnics and in the garden at home. The Grand Trunk Parasheet is a large beach blanket made from nylon parachute material, which means it is easy to use, light – you just weigh it down with sand or stones in the built-in corner pockets – dries in minutes, stays cool and is mildew resistant.


Much More than a Mere Camping Stove

Much More than a Mere Camping Stove For any outdoor lovers with a concern for the environment, travel products for summer and winter need to be eco-friendly. And, when it comes to saving space and packing light, multi-functional products are even more attractive. The Biolite Camp Stove fulfills all these criteria. Take it camping and you use twigs and small branches to power it up and you get heat AND power to charge your iPhone (or other USB gadgets). How cool is that?


Need to Protect Your Precious Kindle?

Need to Protect Your Precious Kindle? No matter how much we love their convenience, especially now we only have to pack one e-reader instead of a pile of heavy books, the one thing that could ruin it all is the beach. The sand, water and salty air are simply not a Kindle or Kindle Fire’s best friends. There are plenty of pouches and bags on the market that offer waterproof protection for our electronic devices but I like this one. Klearkase is available for Kindle and Kindle Fire and the manufacturers claim it means you can use your device absolutely anywhere. It is made from transparent polycarbonate – the same tough stuff they use for F22 fighter plane windows – fully sealed and still allows access to all controls.


A Portable Chair That is Actually Comfortable

A Portable Chair That is Actually Comfortable The thing about portable chairs that are designed to be minimum weight and space saving so that you can take them camping, to the beach, a festival, sports event or hiking, is that they offer respite but not real comfort. That all changes with the Picnic Time Portable Chair, which is one of the summer travel products I heartily recommend – and it can be used all year round too. Weighing in at just 10 pounds, the chair reclines (seriously!), has a padded seat and back, has 3 adjustable positions and is carried in a matching storage tote. It even holds weights up to 300lbs.


A Trench with Style

A Trench with Style I have never been one for travel-specific clothing items. Fanny packs, money belts, cargo pants, jackets with bulky and way too many pockets are all off the list. There’s no reason why a girl can’t look good even on a travel excursion. I’m in two minds as to whether I would feel a bit like a cyborg in this pretty amazing trench coat from Scottevest, but I also loathe handbags so I might be easily converted. If your summer vacay destination is prone to chilly spells, this lightweight item could be the answer with its 18 pockets to hold, well, just about everything.


Charge It Anywhere

Charge It Anywhere To me the anathema of a vacation is loading my luggage with all my electronic devices. It’s a vacation and I don’t want to be in touch with the world. But, I also accept that a smartphone or tablet can actually enhance your trip in many ways, and it’s certainly easier carrying an MP3 player than the old boom boxes and tapes I used to have to cart about Europe when I was in my 20s. The small issue though, is that devices need power and that means charging. This nifty little gadget from Swiss maker Skross is one of the essential summer travel products. Suitable for use in at least 150 countries worldwide, it’s an adapter and charger for phones, tablets and other USB devices.


Phew, It’s Getting Hot in Here

Phew, It’s Getting Hot in Here This sounds amazing! I’ve never tried it but it is recommended by Rachael Ray and is compliant to FDA regulations and has been clinically tested, so there must be something to it. SweatBlock is a towelette that has been soaked with a long-lasting antiperspirant – in fact, it’s claimed it stops sweating for up to 7 days. Use it just once a week by dabbing the towelette in the underarm. It also has the advantage of not leaving a sticky residue of any film.

Which of these terrific summer travel products will be going on your pre-vacation shopping list?


SweatBlock is an innovative summer travel product that can make a big difference when it comes to staying cool and comfortable on vacation. The towelette is soaked with a long-lasting antiperspirant that claims to stop sweating for up to seven days. It is FDA regulated and has been clinically tested, so it is safe to use. The towelette is also designed to not leave a sticky residue or film, so it won't feel uncomfortable or messy.

For those who are looking for a more natural way to keep cool, there are also products like cooling scarves and towels. These are made with a special fabric that absorbs sweat and cools the body down. They are lightweight and easy to pack, making them the perfect travel companion.

Another great summer travel product is a portable fan. These come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be used to keep air circulating and cool down a room or tent. They are usually battery operated, so they don't require an outlet or extra power source.

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