9 Super Summer Camps for Adults for a Vacation with a Difference ...

By Neecey

9 Super Summer Camps for Adults for a Vacation with a Difference ...

Summer camps for adults? Summer camps are for kids, aren’t they? No! Taking all the same principles of camps that have made them a uniquely US institution, summer camps for adults are a great way to spend a vacation doing something you love, with like-minded people in gorgeous surroundings. Whether it’s something you already adore or something you want to learn, there’s an amazing array of summer camps for adults. Here’s a small selection.

1 The Adult Space Academy

Did you ever want to go to space camp as a child, but never got the chance? If so, this fantastic adult version may be right up your alley. The Adult Space Academy guarantees to give you a detailed insight into exactly what it’s like to train to be an astronaut, which includes training on astronaut simulators, building model rockets and access to the world’s largest collection of space aircraft. Just enjoy one of the summer camps for adults that lets you live out a childhood dream. But who knows, maybe one day space travel will be an everyday occurrence, and you’ll be one step ahead of the civilians!

2 Ballroom Dance Camp

A week long summer camp for adults is a great way to get fit, learn something new and spend some quality time with your significant other. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand (or feet, as the case may be) at ballroom dancing, here you’ll learn from the best, with camps having world-class dance teachers on hand. After this week away, you’re sure to be burning up the dance floor everywhere you go.

3 Pivot Planet

Pivot Planet is much more than one of the general activity-based adult summer camps. This “camp” experience actually provides you with the opportunity to see exactly what it would be like for you to work in a different profession. If you’ve always dreamed of working on a ranch, being an architect or owning a bed and breakfast, Pivot Planet allows you to tag along with a professional in the chosen field and live out your fantasy.

4 Wine Camp

Wine camp is a great summer vacation for adults who are interested in pursuing a career in wine making, or those who simply want to learn a little more about their favorite tipple. Not only do you live on an operating vineyard during the camp, but you also receive lessons on every aspect of wine making and history from a professional trained oenologist, and just in case you were wondering, there is also a fair bit of wine tasting included!

5 Archaeology Camp

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take part in a real archaeological dig, archaeological summer camps for adults may be just what you’re looking for. During this week long camp you’ll learn all about site excavation and artifact analysis whilst working side by side with professional archaeologists. Who knows what kind of amazing treasures you may unearth!

6 Language Camp

Learning a language is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and what better way to start than by visiting a language immersion summer camp? These camps allow you to learn your chosen language via a series of seminars, in addition to the use of music, art and craft native to the country. After a week speaking German, French, Chinese, Spanish or maybe even Russian, you’ll be ready to get out there and impress with your new language skills and cultural knowledge.

7 Culinary Camp

Dedicated foodies who would like spend their vacation honing their culinary skills need look no further than culinary summer camps for adults. These cooking boot camps allow you to expand your cooking and baking knowledge, whilst spending time with professional chefs and other like-minded cooking enthusiasts. The most prevalent advantage of attending these camps, however, is the promise of fantastic mouth-watering gourmet cuisine.

8 Camp Unleashed

Do you take your four-legged friend everywhere with you? If so, Camp Unleashed may be the perfect vacation for both you and your pampered pooch. This relaxing interspecies-getaway allows you to bond with your dog, as well as providing you (and your canine companion) with a prime opportunity to socialise with like-minded people. If you can picture yourself swimming, canoeing and playing with your pet in a peaceful, positive environment in the country, Camp Unleashed is the place for you.

9 Surfing Camp

If you want to be able to keep up with your children in the water on future family vacations, or are just interested in doing a little something for your fitness, an adult surf camp may be just what the doctor ordered. As far as adult summer camps go, surf camps certainly provide a great location for a getaway, with pristine beaches, warm water and beautiful surroundings. You are consequently guaranteed a relaxing getaway, in addition to getting a little fitter and learning to surf from the pros.

Other summer camps for adults I came across include horse riding, improv and comedy, racing, photography and yoga. So, there’s a great choice available. What do you think? Are adult summer camps a great way to spend a vacation?

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