10 Places for Perfect Pizza in America ...


10 Places for Perfect Pizza in America ...
10 Places for Perfect Pizza in America ...

The Perfect Pizza has a reputation for conjuring up all sorts of memories of one’s childhood, spending time with your Granny in the kitchen, your misspent youth, when pizza and cheap red wine were a staple diet and the perfect hangover cure and perhaps romantic memories of that first date? These days, the perfect pizza means different things for everybody, and let’s face it, anything goes. Even the fussy vegetarians get a huge variety of choices. Pizza connoisseurs all over the world will agree, not everybody can make the perfect pizza, it takes skill, understanding and above all, and absolute unconditional love for the finest pizza ingredients. If you are on the hunt for the ultimate pizza experience, look no further than the 10 Places for Perfect Pizza in America.

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Las Vegas – Metro Pizza

Eat pizza from every corner of the USA, in this hugely popular pizza restaurant straight out of Pizza heaven. The brain child of a pair of New York cousins, there are no less than 4 branches of their little corner of pizza paradise in the Nevada Desert. Enjoy fresh off the barbie chicken as a favourite topping on the Memphis pizza or the ultimate Forest Gump delight – freshly grilled shrimp on the aptly named New Orleans pizza.


Berkeley, California – the Cheese Board Pizza Collective

This collective genius is so much more than just old pizza connoisseurs. They are driven by their passion for the freshest ingredients and have collaborated with a group of sustainable farmers to bring the very best to their customers daily. With the menu changing everyday, the group comes together and decides what farm-fresh produce will be served out. Try the Gruyère on the roasted potato pizza, enjoy a glass of wine while the jazzy notes get tinkled out on the resident piano.


Racine, Wisconsin – Wells Brothers Italian Resturant

Nothing quite like a traditional, old school Italian family pizza restaurant, with recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, to get the taste buds tingling. Going strong since the 1940’s, it is abundantly clear this lot know exactly what they are doing and are most definitely in a culinary class all on its own. Renown for having the ultimate pizza crust, thing, crunchy and completely sublime, their secret lies in the age old bakery roller they use to make the dough. Enough said, just go.


Phoenix- Pizzeria Bianco

Owner Chris Bianco, takes his reputation and his love of pizza extremely seriously. His point blank refusal to allow customers to take away or to have his handcrafted pizzas delivered, is legendary. If you are planning to visit, get there at least an hour before you will be ready to eat, and if it looks like rain, take an umbrella, as there is no question you will be joining a very long queue right down the street from this infamous pizza parlor. Everything from the mozzarella is homemade the glorious sweet wood roasted onions will linger in memory forever.


New Haven, Connecticut – Sally’s Apizza

Going strong for over 50 years, and the fact that Frank Sinatra used to take a 2 hour trip from New York to get there for his Sally’s Apizza fix, says everything. More retro you will not find, with the original decor not having moved a mint since the days the doors were opened, but the exceptional pizza remains legendary. Be patient with the parking, because there is never any, and if you hang around a bit, you will be able to brag with the rest of them about how far you drove to get your Sally’s Apizza fix.

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New Haven, Connecticut – Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

It’s run by the same family as the owners of the legendary Sally’s Apizza and gracious rivals, so expect to expect the unexpected. Do not fool yourself into thinking you can just pop in and sample one slice of one of their trademark pizzas – The White Clam Pizza, and pop back out again. Be prepared to fall hard and fast for the most gastronomic pizza experience in your life.


St. Paul – Punch Neapolitian Pizza

Just when you think you are in the most unlikely place to find a hidden gem, such as the most perfect pizza you have ever tasted, you will stumble in the door of foodie heaven – in a strip mall! With all the perfect ingredients – sourced by the besotted-with-pizza-Italian-owner – a heavenly crunchy perfection crust around the pizza, it’s the best Margherita you have ever taste with handfuls of lovingly home grown fresh basil, and flown in from Naples mozzarella. The only thing missing, is a bed to lie down in afterwards.


New York – Una Pizza Napoletana

Always an excellent indication of what quality of food is coming out of any restaurant, including a pizza restaurant, is the amount of people that frequent the establishment. In the case of Una Pizza Napoletana, it is literally heaving with masses of customers every single day. Add that to the fact that the passionate-pizza-loving owner has just four different varieties of pizza on the menu, makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Trenton, New Jersey – De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies

Considering that this skinny, basic, almost neglected looking store has a front that is littered with all sorts of photographs of famous people, and signs that indicate all the things they don’t have for their customers, such as no credit card facilities, no restroom, no alcohol and well, no menu, you may wonder what this pizza restaurant is doing on this list. Maybe it’s the huge amounts of customers that swear by the incredible pizza crust, the freshest ingredients and the no frills excellence that did it? You decide.


Chicago – Pizano’s

Nothing says deep-dish pizza like the city of Chicago. It’s not only famous for the wind, but the perfect pizza crust. Head for Pizano’s for gorgeous melt in your mouth flaky-buttery dough that is completely smothered in the finest mozzarella, Rosa tomatoes, fresh, home grown basil and just the right combination of your favourite ingredients. Don’t try and get the recipes for their legendary pizza crust out of them though. Their secret agent – the owners Mother - guards it with her life, in her secret dough making den, underneath the restaurant.

No matter what you are looking for on your favorite pizza, or what your idea of the ultimate pizza experience may be, you will find some of the best pizza restaurants are in the most unlikely places. Flashy storefronts and bored looking staff are not necessarily the best ingredients that helped make these pizza parlors to the 10 Places for Perfect Pizza in America list. Which one out of these 10 would be your favorite?

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