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7 Sensational Sights in Sweden ...

By Neecey

The sights in Sweden are many and wonderful. Sweden is situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula and bordered by Norway to the west and Finland to the northeast. There are many things to do and sights in Sweden to see, depending on one’s preferences. Nature lovers and romantic couples will experience Sweden as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, while history fans will be delighted with the “Land of the Vikings”. Swedish sights present natural beauties, rich history and the cultural identity of the country. If you are still hesitating, the following list of 7 sensational sights in Sweden might push you to finally book your flight:

1 Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle Initially constructed in the 12th century as a defensive round tower, Kalmar Castle played a significant role in the history of the Kingdom. Pirates and other enemies coming from the Baltic Sea were unable to win the “Key to the Kingdom”, as the castle was nicknamed due to its strategic position. The current structural appearance dates back to the 16th century, giving the building characteristics of a Renaissance palace. Step into the castle’s secret passages and dungeon, cross over the drawbridge, enjoy a 16th century dinner and you will suddenly find yourself in the times of Vikings.

2 Visby Medieval City

Visby Medieval City Located on the island of Gotland, Visby is considered the best preserved medieval city of Scandinavia and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Due to a favorable location in a natural harbor and with access to fresh water, the Visby area has been inhabited since the Stone Age. The city however officially dates from the 12th century. The major feature of Visby is the stone ring wall, the Ringmuren, built in the 13th century. Within the wall, there is a number of other Swedish attractions, like the Historical Museum of Gotland, a Dominican monastery, medieval houses and, also, the Botanical Gardens, which have earned Visby the nickname “The City of Roses”.

3 Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace The private residence of the Royal Family, Drottningholm Palace is among the most visited sights in Sweden. The best preserved royal palace in the country, Drottningholm is one of the Swedish attractions enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The palace was built in the 16th century on the islet Lovön, in Stockholm County. Hordes of tourists rush to the palace to see Chinese Pavilion, the Palace Theatre and the enchanting palace gardens, among which there is a fabulous baroque garden.

4 Swedish Museum of National Antiquities

Swedish Museum of National Antiquities One of the largest museums in Sweden, the Museum of National Antiquities treasures more than 10,000 items dating from the Stone Age until medieval times. The museum is famous for its Gold Room or “Guldrummet”, with a number of golden and silver displays. If you are interested in Vikings, the Museum of National Antiquities is the right place to learn a lot about them. There are many exhibits related to Vikings, including bones, swords and some remarkable artifacts, like the Mästermyr chest.

5 Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan in Stockholm Actually the Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan is the city’s historical centre and is home to numerous Swedish attractions, like the Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum, and the exquisite Royal Palace. The town was established in the 13th century on Standsholmen Island and it is considered among the best preserved European medieval city centers. Take an inspiring walk along the cobbled alleyways, enjoy impressive architecture and experience the charm of the town’s cafes, restaurants and shops.

6 Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago The second largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea, the Stockholm Archipelago consists of approximately 30,000 islands and islets. This amazing natural feature is a real tourist year-round attraction. The most popular island among sailors is Sandhamn, Fejan is favourite among kayakers, while Finnhamn is recommended for swimming and hiking. Cruising between the islands is extremely popular way to explore the beauty of the environment. Embark on a boat trip and find out why the archipelago was among the Swedish sights that fascinated famous artists, including August Strindberg and Aleister Crowley.

7 The Lund Cathedral

The Lund Cathedral This stunning Lutheran cathedral is found in Lund, in the southernmost Swedish province of Scania. It is assumed that the original cathedral was built in the 11th century, while the present building has existed since the 12th century. The cathedral was built of granite blocks in a basilica style, with arches to support a ceiling. Today’s cathedral with its twin towers is among the most recognizable sights in Sweden. The interior boasts 15th century carved choir stalls, a magnificent crypt, and the well-known 14th century astronomical clock with figures of the Three Kings

Since Sweden is the third largest country of the European Union, the above list presents only a few starting points for your Swedish adventure. Illuminated by the rays of the magical Midnight Sun, you will certainly find many other ways to experience the sights of Sweden. And hopefully, you will share your secrets with us.

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