7 Delicious Foodie Hotels in Europe to Tickle Your Taste Buds ...

If you travel because discovering world cuisines is your passion, you should also ensure that your accommodation is suitable so, foodie hotels in Europe are necessary to know about when booking your trip. Staying in gourmet hotels adds something special to a food-themed trip although it might discourage you to discover other places if the food is that good. Check out this delicious list of foodie hotels in Europe and let me know if you could resist them.

1. The Nimb Hotel, Denmark

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Denmark doesn’t easily trip off the tongue as a major food destination but let’s not forget that Noma, the world’s best restaurant for two years running 2011, 2102 and in the top 10 for 8 years, is in Copenhagen. The Nimb Hotel also in the Danish capital might not have that kind of pedigree but it is among the best foodie hotels in Europe. Boasting a Michelin star, Restaurant Herman showcases the best of what’s new in Danish cuisine. For something a little less formal, the chefs in the Brasserie will provide local delicacies such as pike with dill and pickled salsify. And if you can get yourself out of the hotel, the charms of Copenhagen including the Tivoli Gardens and the Little Mermaid will delight you.

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