7 Cool Things to do in Mexico for the Time of Your Life ...


7 Cool Things to do in Mexico for the Time of Your Life ...
7 Cool Things to do in Mexico for the Time of Your Life ...

Mexico is a country of contrasts, from the white sandy beaches of Cancun to the abandoned Mayan temples of Chichen Itza, there are plenty of cool things to do in Mexico. Whether you’re a beach lover, adrenaline sports junkie or wannabe Indiana Jones, the choice of things to do in Mexico ensures that you’ll never have a boring trip visiting this diverse and beautiful country!

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On Your Bike

On Your Bike Get active on your Mexican holiday and take a thrilling guided mountain bike tour through the Vallarta region – it’s one of my top things to do in Mexico! You’ll see lush green jungle, mountains and spectacular sea views along the way, and EcoRide run tours for all ages and abilities – ecoridemex.com.


Explore Mexico City

Explore Mexico City Mexico City is an architecture enthusiast’s dream, from its Moorish palaces to art-deco buildings. Head for the Plaza de la Constitucion, one of the largest city squares in the world, or check out stunning murals at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The boho district of Coyoacan is home to La Bipolar, a cantina owned by none other than actor Diego Luna, or head for the tostados stand where you can enjoy plenty of tasty toppings from octopus and pork to ceviche. Don’t miss out on souvenir shopping at La Ciudadela Market!


Discover Chichen Itza

Discover Chichen Itza Once the centre of the Mayan Empire, no trip to Mexico is complete without a visit to this ancient city, with its step pyramids and sacred temples. This world heritage site attracts thousands of visitors every year – don’t miss the Temple of Kukulkan, known as El Castillo. The temple features 365 steps, one for every day of the year, and represents the accuracy of Mayan astronomy.


Visit Cancun’s Mayan Riviera

Visit Cancun’s Mayan Riviera Get away from the crowds at the typical Cancun beach resorts and head a little off the beaten track. The Mayan Riviera is a beach lover’s paradise, with tranquil luxury resorts and plenty of uninhabited islands perfect for a desert island day out! Rent a beach hut complete with your own hammock or enjoy a yoga retreat to refresh your mind, body and spirit.


Head for Hidden Worlds

Head for Hidden Worlds Hidden Worlds Adventure Park is an eco-adventure park offering unique tours into the heart of the Mayan jungle. Book one of their adventure packages where you can enjoy snorkeling in underwater caves and pedal an Aero Cycle across the treetops of the jungle, or book a 2 day adventure where you can explore the Tulum Ruins. This is a great adventure park for the whole family – couples will love it too!

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Check out Palenque ARCHAEOLOGICAL Site

Check out Palenque ARCHAEOLOGICAL Site If you’ve ever fancied yourself as an intrepid explorer (Indiana Jones hat optional) then head for Palenque. Situated in the Chiapas Jungle, this ancient Mayan city is a must-see when you’re in Mexico. Because the site is surrounded by tropical forests and deep jungle, there’s a sense of timelessness here, and you can spot howling monkeys and colorful toucans as you explore the Mayan ruins.



Tempt Your TASTE BUDS You can’t visit Mexico without trying some of its gastronomic delights. From tacos to tostados, mojitos to margaritas, there are plenty of delicious local delicacies to tempt you! Head for Joe Jack’s Fish Shack in Puerto Vallerta if you’re a seafood fan – expect huge, fresh portions of garlic shrimp and mahi mahi. Or try comfort food at Fonda Margarita in Mexico City – their pork in chile salsa verde is absolutely divine!

Hopefully this has inspired you to check out this great part of the world, and given you a few ideas for things to do whilst you’re there! Whether you’re looking for an adventure holiday or a beach break, Mexico is sure to have something for you. What’s your favorite place to visit in Mexico?

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A beautiful town to see is San Angel Miguel very colonial lots of history.

The pyramids of chichen itza are beautiful went for my birthday

Did all that when i was there 8 years ago! Plus swim with dolphins

San Miguel del Allende darn iOS 7 software lol

Im from mexico! And im so proud of being part of this amazing country! :D

my sister getting married in Mexico :D

The pyramids of chichen

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