Cant Afford a Vacation then Take a Special Staycation with These Trusted Tips

By Lauren

Cant Afford a Vacation then Take a Special Staycation with These Trusted Tips

If you can’t afford a vacation, why not enjoy a staycation instead? The purpose of a vacation is to explore and discover new things, step out of one's daily routine and enjoy a healthy dose of R&R, so it doesn't necessarily follow you have to endure highway traffic, long queues at airport passport control or put up with inadequate hotel rooms to have a vacation. Go out and discover your own city, step out into the countryside - and if you must binge-watch your favorite TV action heroes on Netflix, there's room in a dream staycation for that, too. Here are 10 tips on creating a staycation that will you leave as refreshed as any exotic vacation would.

Table of contents:

  1. choose a local hotel
  2. be a tourist
  3. start a picture diary
  4. indulge in creature comforts
  5. don't waste time waiting in lines
  6. be an adventurous foodie
  7. try meal sharing
  8. be open to new coffee shop pleasures
  9. enroll in a class
  10. pamper yourself with a spa day

1 Choose a Local Hotel

Find a cheap local hotel that will take you away from the usual TV dinner and slippers routine you have at home. An overnight stay with room service is just what you need to get into that staycation spirit.

2 Be a Tourist

Are you sure you know everything there's to know about your hometown or city? Join a guided tour and discover the hidden treasures, showcasing architecture, heritage and history of the place you thought you knew inside out. You'll be surprised how informative and fun such tours can be.

3 Start a Picture Diary

Document your expeditions into the wild and wonderful city you live in. Take pictures with your mobile of the hidden architectural gems you discover; start a blog or traditional scrapbook to present your findings to long-lost friends and family living elsewhere - inspire them, they may want to come for a visit!

4 Indulge in Creature Comforts

Start your day with breakfast in bed and continue treating yourself throughout the day. What could be more "vacation-like" than snuggling into your own fluffy pillows with a newspaper, sipping a steaming cup of coffee and munching your favorite breakfast food in bed?

5 Don't Waste Time Waiting in Lines

Try a new foodie hotspot outside of peak hours and/or visit your favorite restaurants and snack bars when everybody else is at work. Since you already know where to find diners that aren't too crowded at mealtimes, you won't be wasting your precious staycation by waiting in line.

6 Be an Adventurous Foodie

Explore different types of cuisine and the new restaurants you've heard so much about but haven't been able to visit yet. A staycation gives you the chance to catch up with culinary hotspots and cross them off your gourmet bucket list.

7 Try Meal Sharing

Make new friends with meal sharing adventures in your own city or in a neighboring town or eat family style at a restaurant to spice up your culinary experience.

8 Be Open to New Coffee Shop Pleasures

Instead of trotting to your usual haunt for a cappuccino or espresso on your way to work, try a different coffee shop and linger over a cup of coffee. Try out different flavors and be adventurous with the roast and beans you try.

9 Enroll in a Class

Learn Salsa dancing, baking cakes, how to paddle a canoe or speak another language. You might discover a brand new hobby or reignite your love for an old one.

10 Pamper Yourself with a Spa Day

Build a spa day into your staycation. You'll need it after all the R&R and Salsa dancing, photography and culinary adventures. If you can’t afford a visit to a spa, create your own at home.

What would be at the top of your staycation to-do list?

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