Stop Dreaming 💭😕of Traveling the World 🗺 before You Turn 30: How to Make It Happen🛫 ...


If you’ve been dreaming of seeing the world since a young age, the time to make your dreams a reality is now! Don’t worry—this isn’t some sketchy sales pitch for tickets to Europe for $99.99 or less. I just want to share with you how you can have the travel experience of your dreams without breaking your bank, or waiting until you’re retired! Here's how to travel the world before you're 30:

1. Start Saving Now

That shopping spree you had planned for this weekend? Cancel it! The longer you wait to start saving, the longer you’ll have to wait to travel around the world. And is this trip really something you want to postpone? Definitely not! It’s a simple equation: spend less, save more, travel sooner! If you follow that, you’ll be on a plane before you know it!

Choose a Travel Buddy to Motivate One Another