How to Decide on Your Next Trip ...


How to Decide on Your Next Trip ...
How to Decide on Your Next Trip ...

It’s so exciting to plan a vacation but it can also be somewhat overwhelming trying to decide on a destination. How do you choose from so many fabulous places, all with so many reasons vying for your attention?

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Pick a Place from Your Favorite Movie or Book

Pick a Place from Your Favorite Movie or Book If the question how to decide on your next trip has been keeping you awake, why not consider movie or literary locations? Did you cry reading Gone With The Wind or laugh out loud watching The Italian Job? Did you squeal in delighted unison with Audrey Hepburn's Vespa-ride in the movie Roman Holiday? Then visit those places and see for yourself what they're really like. Having seen or read about places means you're going there with some prior knowledge, making it that much easier to immerse yourself in that destination's culture and heritage.


Look for Openings That Allow You to Prioritize

Look for Openings That Allow You to Prioritize Being spoiled for choice location-wise, you could use the "best reason possible" method and wait for natural openings such as seminars and business trips or visiting friends who have moved abroad or special events like a festival or convention to help you choose a place.


Let Another Culture Inspire You

Let Another Culture Inspire You Always been fascinated by Egyptian hieroglyphs or the pyramids in South America? Has wearing a Dirndl or Lederhosen and dancing to oompah-oompah brass band music been a long-term guilty pleasure? Become a tomb raider or anthropologist and use your interest in another country's culture (art, music, history, dance, food etc) as inspiration for your next travel destination. Food and music festivals provide an excellent reason to go exploring.


Create a Culinary Wish List

Create a Culinary Wish List Why not let your taste buds decide where your next travel destination will be. Hot and spicy? How about Thailand or India? Pretty and cool? How about Japan? Cheap, cheerful and home-cooked feel? That'll be Italy. Use your favorite food as inspiration and see where in the world your taste buds will lead you.


Where in the World Are Your Friends?

Where in the World Are Your Friends? You could chat online to friends in far-flung places or you could meet them face-to-face for a chinwag and a few beers - why now draw up a map of where in the world your friends are located and use this method to travel? Best of all, you get a personal local guide who knows about all the best places to dine, dance and be merry.


Choose the Best Travel Deal

Choose the Best Travel Deal You could let money issues decide on where you go next. If you're not too fussed as to where but only concerned with as to when, you can find great last-minute deals. Use the "everywhere" feature and you'll find hundreds of airline and hotel offers around the world that might tickle your fancy. Simply pick the most cost-effective flight/accommodation on offer and pack your travel bag.


Let Social Media Inspire You

Occasional glimpses of pictures and travel journals posted on social media can be a real inspiration (and eye-opener) about destinations you have always dreamed about visiting. Social media travel reports tend to give you comprehensive travel details, from best deal flights to best places to surf/dive/go clubbing and what to avoid food-wise, if you want to make it home in one piece.


Draw up a Domestic Wish List

Draw up a Domestic Wish List Never mind far-flung destinations. What about all those places in your own country you've wanted to visit and never got round to? Make a wish list for domestic destinations which you can visit on short city breaks or weekend trips. Who knows, you may not even venture out of your own state, but explore all the wonderful places your parents never took you to as a kid.


Research the Unusual

You could base your trips on unexpected and unusual things to do and see in a place, such as the best historic or scenic train journeys, the most thrilling hiking routes or following a trail of food-shaped buildings or the theme park rides that will make you want to barf because they're so scary. Search social media such as Instagram or Wordpress travel blogs for off-the-beaten-track destinations that will make you smile or give you a thrill.

How do you decide on your next destination?

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This is helpful. 

Kay , it's very helpful . I wanna go to China and Taiwan !!

It's funny because the first one you put a gif of my actual favorite movie and I thought yes I know I need to go to Italy the signs are everywhere

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