Vacation Hacks for Better Beach Days ...


A day at the beach is great fun. Except if … you bite down on gritty sandwiches … your prized electronics are ruined by seawater … there’s sand in every nook and cranny, even in places you didn’t know you had. Here’s how to avoid all that kind of crap happening.

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Protect Your IPhone from Sand, Water and Other Beachy Gunk

Do not think your smartphone is so special it is immune to the vagaries of a day at the beach. Put it in a zip lock bag. Your touchscreen will still work through the bag and your phone stays sand and water free (plus oil from sun-lotioned hands)


Make Your Beach Towel Work Harder

You don’t have to be a whizz at crafting to change your regular beach towel into something more effective and useable. All you have to do is sew pockets onto your beach towel. This way you’ve got handy pockets to keep your stuff in and the weight will also help keep the towel from blowing around. Here’s a tutorial if you need one


Stick a Pot of Baby Powder in Your Beach Tote

You will be spending a nice day close to the water with nothing but sand between your toes. Trouble is you can take half the beach away with you just on your feet. , Baby powder to the rescue. Apply some to your skin to remove sand with ease – it helps remove moisture from your skin that will make the sand fall off your feet, hair, and legs.


A Lotion Bottle is More about Safety than Skincare

Do you always worry about losing your money, keys, or other important stuff while lounging on the beach? A cleaned out lotion bottle will serve as a perfect little keep safe. You can carry it with you, leave it on your towel and no one will ever guess why you're in love with your lotion. I’ve also seen advice to roll your valuables up in a diaper. People will assume it’s used and steer clear!


Make an Icepack for Your Cooler

You just need to take a regular freezer bag, fill it with water, and freeze. Your icepack is ready so pop it in your cooler. After the ice melts, you can use the empty bag to hold your wet swimsuit.


Keep Water Cool but Ready to Drink

It’s essential to take cold water to the beach to stay hydrated. It’s also a great idea to freeze the bottles overnight. Trouble is you want something to drink when you get there. I can help! Half fill a water bottle and lay it on its side in the freezer. When you’re ready to leave for the beach, top it up with cold water. You’ll have cold water to drink when you get there and it will stay cool while your other bottle melts.


Pack Some Balloons – but Not to Play with

Why? After some great playtime in the water, you're sure to have your ears plugged with water. If it doesn't want to budge on its own, simply get one of those deflated balloons out of your bag and blow into it for a few times. Much better than holding your nose and blowing, which is not a good thing to do, whenever.

Now you can have as much fun planning and preparing your day at the beach as you do when you’re there. Why not share your favorite beach hacks and tips?

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