Taking a Summer Vacay? How to Start Prepping Now so You Aren't Stressed Later ...


I really hope you are going to get away and take a vacation this summer. Why? Because research shows that taking a break from your regular life can reenergize you so that you come back ready to tackle things that were stressing you out before. Plus, everyone needs a margarita on the lake kind of week, right? Getting started with your planning now can make your trip even more enjoyable because you won’t be stressed out as the day of departure nears. Here’s what you should do right now.

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Go Online and Book Your Hotel Room

Even if you aren’t going to be leaving for weeks or months, now is the time to book your hotel. What if you find out that the place you’ve been dying to stay is booked up? Your vacation will start out stressful if that happens. I’m not leaving for my vacay until mid-June, but I booked my hotel room weeks ago. Not only can you get payment out of the way, but when you get there, you know you’ll have a comfy place to lay your head.


Use Your Weather App to Research the Forecast

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself without rain boots because you assumed the sun would be shining. True, you won’t be able to find out about the exact weather predictions this far out, but you can find out what the average weather is for the time of year you’ll be traveling. Keep your eye on things as your departure nears and you’ll be prepared in any way you need to be.


Plan out What Day Trips or Tourist Traps You Must See

Sometimes, it’s way better to know what you’re going to do ahead of time. There’s something to be said for spontaneity, but remember that summer is the hot time for tourists, so you may want to jump the gun and get your tickets to popular attractions and events now before they are sold out. I like to write down my plans for each day so that I can see everything I want to see and get my admission before it’s too late.


Find a Pet Sitter or Someone to Watch the Kids for You

Planning to leave behind Fido or Fluffy? Not taking the kids this time around? Good for you! But, that means you’ll need someone to care for them while you’re enjoying your vacay. Now is the time to line up a babysitter or pet sitter. People who run these types of businesses book up fast during prime travel time and it would really make your break stink if you ended up taking along extra passengers.


Go Ahead and Decide What Method of Transportation You’ll Be Using

I love a road trip, but even that requires some preparation. Unless it’s a short trip, I prefer to rent a car. Whether you’re driving, flying, taking the train or riding the bus, don’t wait too long to book your transportation. You can usually get a better price by booking further out and you won’t have to worry about being told that you waited too long.

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Stop the Paper, Hold the Mail and Alert Your Neighbors

Nothing screams, “Rob me,” like a pile of old newspapers on the driveway or a bulging mailbox. Once you have your travel dates finalized, you can call the post office and the newspaper and have them avoid delivery on the dates that you’ll be gone. You might also mention that you’re leaving to your neighbors so they can keep their eyes open for anything weird going on while you are away.


Stash That Cash

Even if you have months before you leave, now is the time to start squirrelling away funds. My husband and I have been hiding all our $5 bills for the last few months so that we can enjoy our summer vacation without worry about not being able to pay the bills when we get home. Saving now means you’ll have a good nest egg when you leave so that you can eat and have fun without guilt.

How are you prepping for your summer vacation? I hope these ideas help you have the most fabulous time ever! Where are you going this year?

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