9 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Brazil ...

Brazil is one of the most exciting countries on the planet. Some specifics of its natural beauty are unsurpassed, its cities are incredible cauldrons of culture and the people, food, music, art, and architecture … well, there’s way too much for a single adjective to sum them up. Here are just a few of the most amazing places to visit in Brazil.

1. Ouro Preto

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Looking for a town that depicts Brazil’s colonial history? Just head to Ouro Preto, a city that saw its boom during the gold rush. You will be able to see some well preserved colonial architecture in the city. In addition to that, even the modern buildings have to follow the historical standards. Centuries old gold-decorated churches and Aleijadinho’s sculptured works make this town one of the best places to visit in Brazil outside its mesmerizing cities.

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