7 Brilliant Reasons to Visit Romania ...


7 Brilliant Reasons to Visit Romania ...
7 Brilliant Reasons to Visit Romania ...

Do you need a list of reasons to visit Romania to slide under your travel partner’s nose? If you're struggling to convince everyone that there's more to Romania than Olympic gymnasts and weight lifters, then look no further. This Eastern European country is truly a diamond in the rough and I am going to convince you why Romania is a must for your ‘bucket list.’ If you're a travel junkie like me, just itching for some reasons to visit Romania, then check out my top seven.

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Vampires If vampires existed then Bram Stoker’s 1897 gothic horror classic ‘Dracula’ would be the equivalent of the vampire bible. One of the best reasons to visit Romania is to admire the setting of 'Dracula,' the enchanting, mysterious Bran Castle nestled in the Carpathian Mountains. This is where the legendary, timeless vampire genre was born.



Wolves Vampires aren't the only mysterious blood-sucking creatures roaming the Carpathian Mountains. The Romanian Carpathians are home to a large number of other European predators, including European brown bears, wolves and lynxes. So when you're there, keep an eye out for these beautiful creatures basking in the glory of their natural habitat. Be sure to stay safe and admire them from a distance.


Merry Cemetery

Merry Cemetery Sapanta’s Merry Cemetery breaks with tradition when it comes to the deceased. Even when Sapanta’s souls are laid to rest, they continue to kick up their heels until the end of time. Dumitri Pop carried across the wooden carved headstone tradition from mentor Ion Stan Patra. When in Romania, do yourself a favour and join in the celebration of life by paying respect to Sapanta’s more optimistic and inspirational perception of the final chapter.


Discover Decebal on the Danube

Discover Decebal on the Danube Brazil has Cristo, Redentor and Romania has Decebal. This magnificent 40 metre high rock sculpture of Decebal is carved in the mountain beside the Danube River. Decebal is the ancient king of Dacia and he continues to keep watch 2,000 years on of the borders he defended up until his last hour. It took twelve sculptors ten years to produce this masterpiece. Admire in awe.


Black Sea

Black Sea Romania is a country that caters to lovers of all seasons. If you are a sun seeker like me, you can soak up the surf and sand along Romani’s Black Sea coastline. In addition to good summer vibes, the Black Sea is known for its arthritic, rheumatic, and internal nervous disorder-healing properties. Make the most of your stay by splashing about in the Black Sea.


Castles and Fortresses

Castles and Fortresses Explore the medieval era by visiting some of the castles and fortresses dotted throughout Romania’s countryside. One of my personal favorites is Transylvania’s Fagaras Fortress. This fortress is rich in history and over time has been occupied by a number of different characters, ranging from princes and their families, to communists and their political prisoners. It’s now a museum, so check it out; it even has a moat!


Trek the Carparthians

Trek the Carparthians The Carparthian Mountains are an amazing spectacle. A number of tour companies specializing in trekking provide a truly unique experience for more active travellers. Trekking the Carparthians is challenging and not for the faint-hearted. However, if you are looking to break away from more popular treks like the Inca Trail, Annaupurna and Mount Kinabalu, then this is right up your alley.

Well there it is, my list of the seven brilliant reasons to visit Romania. One final point I would like to mention is Romania’s people are the heart and soul that make up this country's rich, brilliant mix of diversity, mystery and history. After all, what would a country be without its people? When visiting Romania make sure you completely immerse yourself in the experience by learning local customs, traditions and folklore. Hopefully this has inspired you to build Romania into your next European travel itinerary. Have I missed something here? Are you packing your bags yet? Give me more reasons to visit Romania!

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I'd never go there. I've been reading a lot of articles and signing petitions lately about what they do to stray dogs there. What a disgusting shame!

This is why I'm truly proud to be a pure Romanian. Don't listen to all the rumours, it's a beautiful country with so much history :)

But the countryside is beautiful, it's a must for everyone.

That's because in the cities like Bucarest, dogs were staying together and they were attacking humans and a lot of people died.

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