7 Best Irish Pubs in Britain to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day ...

If you want to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with our close neighbours across the water, there are plenty of Irish pubs in Britain. More than plenty! Every city, every major town and even some smaller towns in Britain has an Irish bar. Some aim for authenticity, while others make a passing shot at mimicking a cosy Dublin snug. What you can guarantee, come St. Patrick’s Day, is an amazing celebration, all shades of green, plenty of the black stuff, and awesome craic in the Irish pubs in Britain.

1. The Liffey – Liverpool

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Liverpool has very strong links to Ireland. Its port used to handle major traffic between the two British islands. It’s often said that the amazing sense of humour Liverpudlians are known for came over on the boats from Ireland, but whether that’s true or not, you’re guaranteed a seriously warm welcome. Liverpool has some of the best Irish pubs in Britain and one of them is The Liffey in the city centre. Get your taste of the Emerald Isle at Renshaw Street where the décor is faded chic of Downtown Dublin, the bar is staffed by shiny happy people, the atmosphere is what’s expected of good craic and if you don’t want to toast St. Patrick’s Day with a pint of the Black Stuff, there’s a good range of wines and spirits.

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