9 Haunted Places in Louisiana to Scare the Living Daylights out of You ...


If you and I were on a road trip through the south we would totally hit up a few haunted places in Louisiana. We would travel from the northwest part of the state, around Shreveport and down into the southeast area of New Orleans. I'm not sure how long the route would take but the trip would be well worth it to see a few haunted places in Louisiana and get a good scare. There is so much history to explore, why not mix a little road-tripping through historical sites with an interest in the spooky side of Louisiana lore?

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The Old Ellerbe Road School, Shreveport

The Old Ellerbe Road School, Shreveport First up on our brief trip through haunted places in Louisiana is the Old Ellerbe Road School. Originally built in 1957 as the George Washington Carver High School, the structure was abandoned in 1985 and remains empty more than twenty years later. This setting is perfect for the spooky tales that surround it. The main legend of this place indicates that a janitor abducted and murdered some students before disappearing himself. There are a few versions of this tale. However, visitors to the area report similar experiences: disembodied laughter of children, crazed laughter of a madman, evidence of satanic rituals and shadows.


Folklore suggests that the spirits of these victims still wander the decrepit halls, with urban explorers recounting eerie encounters and strange noises that chill to the bone. They speak of unnerving graffiti, and the sudden drop in temperature as they move through the dark, graffiti-laden corridors. The school's dilapidated state, with its peeling paint and overgrown vegetation, amplifies the site's haunting atmosphere, making it a magnet for those seeking a brush with the paranormal. Whether seeking a thrill or investigating legends, the Old Ellerbe Road School remains a gem for supernatural enthusiasts.


The Magnolia Plantation, Natchitoches

The Magnolia Plantation, Natchitoches There are many plantation homes still standing across the American south and Louisiana is no exception. Each one has its own history and story to tell. Our trip south stops at the Magnolia Plantation. Many slaves were tortured and the overseer was later killed by Union soldiers on this land. This horrible history still haunts the grounds today. Visitors to the Magnolia Plantation report seeing the ghosts of slaves and soldiers as well as that of the overseer. Visitors also report hearing disembodied voices.


The Magnolia Plantation's eerie atmosphere is palpable. Some assert that they've felt cold spots abruptly chilling the warm Southern air, a common phenomenon linked to supernatural presences. Ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts flock here, especially to the plantation's old slave quarters, where the mingled feelings of sorrow and unrest are strongest. Many have captured orbs and anomalies on camera, which only amplifies the chilling lore surrounding this historic property. Even the bravest visitors can't deny the unnerving sensation of being watched by invisible eyes from the plantation's murky past.


Alexandria Zoological Park, Alexandria

Alexandria Zoological Park, Alexandria Have you ever heard of a haunted zoo? South of Magnolia Plantation is the Alexandria Zoological Park. The park is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former park Director. In life the Park Director loved to play pranks and practical jokes on his staff. After passing away in 2008 it seems the Director continues this naughty behavior today. Workers report seeing his ghost from time to time as well as experiencing pranks and jokes similar to those the Director played on them while still alive.


These spooky occurrences include strange noises, sudden inexplicable movements of objects, and flickering lights without any rational explanation. Staff members whisper tales of feeling a mischievous presence, with some personal belongings mysteriously relocated and the sensation of being watched when no one is around. Visitors occasionally sense an eerie air, but this ghostly inhabitant doesn't seem to mean any harm. Rather, it's as if he is ensuring his beloved zoo continues to be filled with laughter and light-heartedness, even from the great beyond. So, thread lightly; you may just encounter the playful spirit while strolling through the animal exhibits.


Harris Hall at University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Harris Hall at University of Louisiana, Lafayette Lafayette, Louisiana is home of the University of Louisiana. On these grounds stands the understated girls' dormitory, Harris Hall. Local legend tells the story of a girl who was crushed by a faulty elevator. The tragic story is replayed every night around the time the young lady is said to have died. Security and residents report hearing the elevator doors open and close when no one is around. No need to be too afraid as the ghost is said to be friendly, helping people find missing items.


Harris Hall at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette is a three-story brick building that was built in 1925. It is one of the oldest buildings on campus and has been the home of many female students over the years. The building is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former student who was killed in a tragic elevator accident. Reports of strange noises, including the sound of the elevator doors opening and closing, have been reported by security guards and students alike. Sightings of a woman in a white dress have also been reported in the halls. The ghost is said to be friendly and has been known to help people find lost items.


Joseph Jefferson Mansion, New Iberia

Joseph Jefferson Mansion, New Iberia The serene looks of this 1870s era home is a little deceiving because Joseph Jefferson Mansion is reportedly alive with paranormal activity. Tales include stories of long dead pirates keeping watch over buried treasure and the lingering ghosts of grounds keepers minding their duties well after death. Visitors also report seeing the ghosts of a little girl and a tall woman roam the halls. Perhaps the most well known ghostly figure seen at Joseph Jefferson Mansion is that of Jefferson himself. Visitors report seeing his ghost watching the grounds from his upper window. This would totally be a stop on our spine chilling haunted places list!


Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville

Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville Built in 1796, Myrtles Plantation is one of the most haunted places in the country. You see, this lovely home has a horrible past that still echoes today. Local legend reports that a mother and her two children, and their house slave, Chloe, died here. Chloe was a tortured slave who enacted revenge on the person responsible for her injuries. To this end Chloe poisoned a cake, killing his wife and two children. Although Chloe was hanged as punishment for this crime she has not left. Visitors to the plantation report seeing her ghost around the property and in their rooms at night. Her image was captured on film in an infamous photo outside the home. Would you sleep here?


Old State Penitentiary, Baton Rouge

Old State Penitentiary, Baton Rouge A trip to Louisiana would not be complete without a stop in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The state capital of Baton Rouge is home to the Old State Penitentiary. Built in the late nineteenth century, this old building now houses the Louisiana State police headquarters and barracks. Offices now stand in areas that once housed a prison morgue and execution room. Yikes! Employees and visitors to the museum area report hearing footsteps when no one is around and experiencing severe electrical issues with equipment turning on and off on its own. The many reports of activity and paranormal investigations mark the Old State Penitentiary as a hotspot of activity.


LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans Built in the late eighteenth century, the house now known as LaLaurie mansion has a truly horrifying history. One night, as her home burned, Madame LaLaurie fled Louisiana. When the home was opened slaves were found chained and mutilated. A veritable chamber of horrors was found on the upper floor in which slaves were tortured, dismembered, and experimented upon. More bodies were found buried on the property and thrown inside a well. Today the home is a tourist destination. Visitors report hearing disembodied voices and seeing apparitions on the property. Furniture moves on its own and unseen hands touch visitors.


Marie Laveau House, New Orleans

Marie Laveau House, New Orleans Like LaLaurie Mansion, Marie Laveau's house is a haunted place to visit while in Louisiana. Some people would say that it is a paranormal can't miss! I don't know about that... If legends are true then this little place is incredibly active. Marie Laveau was a well known voodoo priestess. Many people from the very young to the old and powerful sought her services then and continue to do so today. Visitors to Marie Laveau's house report hearing ritual sounds and seeing Marie's image around town.

History is full of all kinds of stories - good, bad, and terrifying. Have you visited any of these haunted places in Louisiana? Would you ever visit a haunted location? Please, share your experiences with us.

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We also own a very old working piano that deserves to be in this house; if I can remember correctly it was made in Germany, of solid mahogany wood and traveled to New York and had only two previous owners, it was built in 1812.

Omg ! Thanks for the story.

I would love to visit all these places, not just to scare the crap out of myself but also learning the history behind them. I live in a haunted house, it was built in 1819 and before we moved in here, four years ago, the neighbor admitted to us, he's seen things and people in the home when it was vacant, like an old man staring out the window. I know since living here, we've experienced strange events that can't be explained, children laughing, loud pounding as if someone were at the door and yet, no one was there, growling, cold spots, apparitions, orbs, and even different smells. I always creep out my coworkers when I tell them what happens. The spirits don't bother us, they're calm, but some come n go. We think we live on a portal or something cause every now n then, something new happens.

1912, sorry

I'm pretty sure what's labeled as the Magnolia Plantation is Melrose Plantation. I've been to Melrose and it looks exactly like that. If it is, the story of the plantation is very wrong!

if you go by ellerbe rd school watch it for the farmer that owns the land! he'll have you arrested!

#8 it's in American horror story!

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