7 Local Boutiques in Vancouver, B.C. That You'll Love to Shop at ...

There are a few local boutiques in Vancouver you should check out if you're ever in British Columbia, Canada! I’m a little biased but I love Vancouver, especially in the summer. Vancouver, B.C. is known for the relaxed atmosphere and is neatly tucked in between the ocean and the mountains. There’s a lot of culture and art in Vancouver and it’s worth visiting. However, if you’re ever here I definitely recommend you visit local boutiques in Vancouver.

1. Misch

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One of the local boutiques in Vancouver you should visit is Misch. Opened in 2004 by owner Lara Osen, Misch is a dainty store located in South Granville. The boutique is full of clothes that are a combination of flowy but structured, feminine but masculine and trendy but unique pieces. Furthermore, Misch carries over 25 different designers that all speak to the carefree image of Misch. Check it out at misch.ca.

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