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If you're traveling, then you absolutely have to try some of the chocolate museums around the world, because really, who doesn't love chocolate? You can learn how chocolate is made and try different kinds! That sounds like heaven to me. There are many great chocolate museums but I am here to show you the seven best chocolate museums around the world. Bon appetite!

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Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier in France

Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier in France Chocolate museums around the world strive to be like this one. Only because its the best! Valter Bovetti, a chocolate craftsman, created this museum to show people how chocolate is made. Children will get to make their own chocolate moulding. At the end of the tour you can discover new flavors with a tasting of the Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier's specialties. If you're in France, be sure to visit in Terrasson in Périgord!


The Chocolate Museum in England

The Chocolate Museum in England Here, all your curiosity and cravings will be satisfied. Visit the new British History of Chocolate exhibition to learn about how chocolate is made. They even offer private parties. What a great birthday party idea! Adults, families, and schools alike can take a chocolate workshop. After reading the descriptions online, all I can say is, wow, this chocolate sounds really good. If you're in Brixton,a suburb of South London, tell me how the chocolate tastes!


TCHO in the USA

TCHO in the USA TCHO just started doing chocolate tours, and they are amazing. When I first heard about it I just had to go, and I was not disappointed. They give you samples of chocolate, cocoa nibs, and biscotti. If you can't make it to Pier 17 in San Francisco, California then take the virtual tour that launches soon!


Phillip Island Chocolate Factory in Australia

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory in Australia Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is definitely the sweetest attraction on Phillip Island. It has fun and interactive machines to use and you can make your own chocolate on the spot. You can try one of Penny's 'secret recipe' White Truffles. This chocolate museum is the best in Australia.


The Chocolate Museum in Canada

The Chocolate Museum in Canada Learn about candy making in St. Stephen through hands-on exhibits, interactive computer displays, artistic chocolate boxes, and antique candy-making equipment. See why St. Stephen is "Canada's Chocolate Town" and observe the hand dippers at work. All of the Ganong chocolate products are made in the museum! Go to Canada and learn about this centuries-old tradition!



IMHOFF CHOCOLATE MUSEUM in GERMANY Observe the making of chocolate through miniature machines that allow you to taste the chocolate on your way out. Try wafers dipped in a marvelous 3-meter-high chocolate fountain. Go through the tropicarium and see the cacao trees. If you're in Germany, what are you waiting for? Go try this awesome chocolate!



KRASNY OKTYABR CHOCOLATE MUSEUM in RUSSIA There are some wonderful works of art to be seen here. Look at the hand-crafted sculpture of animals, cars, dolls, and even Disney characters. Taste the smoothest chocolate ever. If you're in Moscow, why not stop by and try some chocolate?

If you are near any of these chocolate museums from around the world, you should drop by and tell me about them. I wish I could go to every single one! Which chocolate museums have you been to, and what did you think.

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OMG!! I didn't even know about the museum in Brixton!! Just looked it up and it's their 1st anniversary on Saturday tk celebrate all things chocolate...and yes I'm going lol


What about Hershey Park in Pa USA? They do have a wonderful chocolate factory and they give you samples and you do a tour of the factory. It's great.

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