Best Backpacking Loops to Take in the USA ...

Backpackers aware – you don’t always have to head to Thailand or Machu Picchu, because there are some wonderful backpacking loops in the US. I often think the USA is overlooked as one of the great backpacking destinations of the world. Maybe it’s the sheer size of the place, or that it is more associated with road trips and theme parks. Maybe some backpackers will change their minds when they learn of these backpacking loops in the US, especially for those who appreciate the sheer beauty of nature.

1. Wonderland Trail, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

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With a name like ‘Wonderland Trail,’ it’s no wonder this backpacker’s paradise ranks as one of the best backpacking loops in the US. Established in 1915, Wonderland is a well-maintained and easily-navigated trail, which offers several options for refueling along the way...which you will need, as the trail takes most around ten days to complete. Covering 93 miles of 21,000 foot ups and downs, you won’t be disappointed in the glorious scenery, which includes dark forests, wildflower meadows, many a waterfall, and plenty of wildlife for the animal-lover. The major highlight of Wonderland Trail is known as The Mountain by Northwesterners.

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