Are These America's Most Charming Little Beach Towns?

The free and easy days of summer simply scream out for us to visit a beach town. A day trip, a long weekend or a week or two – it doesn’t matter. There’s something for every appetite for however long. With such a massive coastline, the USA has a wealth of seaside destinations so I’m here to whittle down the list to the most charming beach towns.

1. Chincoteague, VA

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American beach towns can be glitzy, old-fashioned, historic, cultured, sophisticated, or just plain old fun. And then there are stunning places like Chincoteague that take your breath away. July is the best time to visit Chincoteague, the portal into the 37-mile long Assateague National Seashore, a seaside paradise with herons, woodpeckers, foxes, bald eagles and ponies roaming free. During July, the Wild Pony Round-Up and Swim grips the whole island. Seaworthy cowboys herd the ponies across the channel dividing Assateague and Chincoteague. The colts are then auctioned off to keep herds small and manageable.

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