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There are so many exciting things to see and do in our nation’s capital that you may be surprised at the simple ways to experience Washington DC like a local. The many tourist staples draw huge crowds all year long. Thousands of people travel to the see places pictured on postcards. The next time you are in the area and want to see something a little different, consider these seven ways to experience Washington DC like a local.

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Hains Point Park

Hains Point Park One of my most favorite ways to experience Washington DC is to visit Hains Point. This understated park has a special place in the heart of nearly every DC native, especially this one! Here you can watch the locals fish or spot Virginia across the water. If you want a nice, quiet, green space to relax after a little sightseeing then check out Hains Point.


Ben’s Chili Bowl

Ben’s Chili Bowl Ben’s Chili Bowl is a must visit destination for nearly every Washingtonian. Ben's is so well known for its delicious chili that it has been featured on numerous television shows as a food destination! The chili is delicious but Ben’s also has some of the best burgers and hot dogs I have ever tasted. Believe it or not, there are a few vegetarian options!


Day Trip to Georgetown

Day Trip to Georgetown I love the architecture of old buildings. Georgetown is filled with historical homes, small shops, and schools … and tons of other things to see during the day. Walk along “M” street and check out the many local stores and ethnic restaurants, or walk along the Georgetown Waterfront.


Night Walk in Adams Morgan

Night Walk in Adams Morgan Adams Morgan is a lively place, particularly at night! When I’m in the mood to try some out-of-this-world ethnic food or entertainment, I head to Adams Morgan. This neighborhood is filled with lots of very cool small businesses. It also has a cosmopolitan feeling that I love! Adams Morgan has everything from used bookstores to great little greasy spoon restaurants and live music!


Supreme Court Café

Supreme Court Café The Supreme Court is filled with beautiful sculptures. It is also filled with the delicious smells of the Supreme Court Café. I love this simple little indoor eatery. It has a great menu and affordable prices. There is a line to get in but it moves pretty quickly. Grab your meal at a table and get ready for some interesting people watching! You might spot a politician or two.


Taste of DC

Taste of DC One of the best ways to experience DC is to indulge in the good food among tons of people – and people watch a little, if you can. The annual Taste of DC is perfect for this. People come from all over to check out the numerous food stations and live music. The atmosphere is electric! I look forward to this event every year!


Paddle Boat

Paddle Boat If you are in Washington DC when the weather is nice and cool, try a paddle-boat ride! The boats are docked close to the Jefferson memorial. Take a paddle-boat out on the water and enjoy the scenery or race your friends. This is a nice lazy afternoon activity.

There really is no one right way to experience a new city except maybe as a cautious, well-informed traveler. Suggestions from local folks can be invaluable nuggets of information to carry with you. Have you experienced a city like a local? Do you have any tips? Please, share!

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This makes me want to visit DC :)

Don't forget Eastern Market on Capitol Hill in weekends, MacGruder's grocery n butcher in Cleveland Heights, and the Foggy Dog In Foggy Bottom!

Hains Point is one of my favorite places. Unfortunately the sculpture, The Awakening, was moved down the river to National Harbor. That was one of my favorite things at Hains Point when it was there.

Jog along the National Mall

Not sure how many locals go to Ben's ? I lived in DC 4 years and went 1 time

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