7 Superb Things to do in Shanghai ...

When it comes to China, everyone is seduced by the romance and mysticism of Beijing, but there really are so many superb things to do in Shanghai that I know that I would have a very hard time choosing which one to visit. Where Beijing has 5,000 years of history to call on, Shanghai is a wonder of the modern age. Where Beijing has magnificent temples, Shanghai has uber-hi-tech skyscrapers. Where Beijing has politicians and poets, Shanghai has masters of commerce. If you want to experience one of the most amazing cities of our time, there are many things to do in Shanghai to more than satisfy an adventurous appetite.

1. Visit the Jade Buddha Temple

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Just because Shanghai is a city for the future doesn’t mean it hasn’t got a past. There are still plenty of historical sights in Shanghai, and this temple is one of them. The Jade Buddha Temple is the holiest of Shanghai’s Buddhist shrines and visitors can visit while monks are chanting, and they are encouraged to listen and reflect. Gifts are freely given to the deities, and each section is full of followers offering prayers and alms. The Jade Buddhas were brought from Burma back in 1882, although there are many more than the originals now around the temple. The gardens are festooned with magnolia trees and the saffron-colored temple is adorned with glowing red lanterns and ornaments.

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