7 Breathtaking and Inspiring Places to Visit in Israel ...


7 Breathtaking and Inspiring Places to Visit in Israel ...
7 Breathtaking and Inspiring Places to Visit in Israel ...

If you ever have the chance to travel to these incredible places to visit in Israel, you should absolutely take it. It is a common misconception that Israel is a dangerous place, but it is actually a beautiful country filled with inspiring sights and wonderful people. There is something for everyone in Israel and I would highly recommend visiting the country at least once in your life to experience these places to visit in israel.

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Western Wall

Western Wall The Western Wall is at the top of almost every list of places to visit in Israel, and for good reason. The Western Wall is filled with wonder and energy that you can feel the minute you step in front of it. Being surrounded by the hundreds of people who come to this wall to pray is almost enough to bring you to tears. No matter how religious you are or what you religion you affiliate with, you will be able to appreciate and be moved by the Western Wall.



Masada If you want something a bit more active, try the hike up Masada in the desert overlooking the Dead Sea. It is a huge fortified city at the top of a giant mountain with an interesting history. Jews lived there during the Roman Empire and, when the Romans invated the mountain, rather than becoming slaves, they committed a mass suicide of around 950 people. It is incredible to see how untouched this site remains and to hear the amazing history of those who lived there.


The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea After your long and tiring hike up Masada, take a relaxing trip to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has a super high sodium level, which causes you to float in it. It is great to just sit back and relax in. Not to mention the mud is a great exfoliate and super fun to cover yourself in. But word to the wise, shave at leas 3 days before the Dead Sea and do not go in if you have a cut. It will burn and you will regret it.


Yad Vashem Musseum

Yad Vashem Musseum Warning: do not visit Yad Vashem if you do not like to cry. It is the national Holocaust Museum of Israel. Located in Jerusalem, Yad Vashem includes an extensive and incredible list of artifacts from the Holocaust. From personal affects, to military uniforms, to letters detailing life in the concentration camps, this museum doesn’t leave out a single detail. It is set up to take you through the Holocaust in timeline order so you can see the times leading up to WWII all the way through the stories of the survivors. It is an incredibly moving experience to walk through Yad Vashem and see life through the eyes of a Jew living in Europe during the Holocaust.


Baha’I Gardens

Baha’I Gardens Located in Haifa, the Baha’l Gardens are called some of the most unique, grandest, and beautiful places to visit in Israel. It includes 19 terraces all along the slope of Mount Carmel. Not only do you get to see the incredible flowers and hedges, but also you are offered an unparalleled view of the Galilee Hills and Mediterranean Sea. At the heart of this wondrous garden is the Shrine of the Bab, which is the burial place of the prophet Baha’l Faith.


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv When writing this, I was trying to think of a specific place in Tel Aviv to visit, but I put the entire city because it is a tourist sight by itself. Most people assume that Israel is either desert or religious sites, but Tel Aviv has one of the most active nightlifes in the world. During the day, take a trip to the Design Museum or hit the beach to relax. Once the sun goes down, hit up one of the many clubs or bars Tel Aviv has to offer and party amongst some of the most fun-loving people I have ever met.


Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee While most people who travel to Israel are Jewish, Christians will known the Sea of Galilee as the place where Jesus walked on water. Despite its holy history, the Sea of Galilee has so much more to offer. From the hot springs you can relax in, to the ancient Roman ruins you can explore, this sight has something for everyone. You can take a relaxing boat ride around the sea or enjoy some water sports if you are more adventurous.

Israel is such a diverse and unique country that has tons of attractions for everyone. Regardless of your religion, race, or age, there is bound to be something you enjoy in Israel. What did you think of these places to visit in Israel? What are some other great sites to see in Israel? Have you ever been to Israel before and did you love it?

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Israel is such amazing country and the people are so welcoming! Love it very much

I was just talking about Israel today as a client just visited and she is extremely well travelled and said this is her fave place on earth... Big call but can now see why.

Palestine is a great country :)

I love Israel and it's a great place to live in. You all are most welcome to visit here, fun guaranteed!! ;)


Wish i can visit Israel...Unfortunately my pasport wont let me!

I plan to visit Israel next year and now I can't wait!!

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