8 Must-See Tourist Hotspots ...

Must-see tourist hotspots pop up in the most surprising places. All around the world, there are amazing sights and must-see tourist spots that attract millions of people to gaze in awe and wonder every year. Some are natural, some are especially built for an occasion or for religious purposes and others have just developed that way. They may not always be easily accessible due to the sheer number of visitors but they are worth battling the crowds for a memorable experience. Here are 8 must-see hotspots.

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Many tourists from around the world flock to the lotus shaped flowers and the largest religious structure in the world, that being the Angkor Wat in the country of Cambodia. God-Kings between the 9th and 13th centuries ordered this great religious site as homage to themselves. In the 15th century the site that holds Angkor Wat was abandoned, but still ongoing archaeological research is constantly finding hundreds more temples around the massive Angkor Wat. 25km from the main site is Capitol Temple and this is a must-see tourist hotspot.