7 Best Places to Experience the Great Barrier Reef ...


Want to learn about some amazing places in the Great Barrier Reef?

Are there any more places on earth that are more spectacular as the Great Barrier Reef?

As if Australia isn’t already blessed with a wealth of gorgeousness, Mother Nature had to bestow one of her most amazing gifts too.

Lying in the Coral Sea, covering 133,000 square miles and stretching for 1,600 miles, there are plenty of places in the Great Barrier Reef for an adventure or two.

The nearly 3,000 individual reefs and more than 900 islands are a stunning playground for every water based and beach based activity you can think of and then some, and I set myself the unenviable task of picking just 7 things to do and places in the Great Barrier Reef where I know you’ll have an incredible experience.

1. Hike the Thorsborne Trail

Hike the Thorsborne Trail

Located between Cairns and Townsville, this 32km hike is one of those must do experiences in the Great Barrier Reef.

Allow at least 4 days for the hike in order to enjoy beaches, swamps, mountains and rainforest landscapes.

You will also see animals from butterflies to sea turtles and crocodiles.

This is a serious hike for the experienced walker as the trail can be difficult and is not graded or hardened.2

The trail is limited to 40 hikers at a time, so be sure to plan ahead and book permits well in advance.

2. Paddle the Whitsunday Islands

Paddle the Whitsunday Islands

Explore the 70 plus islands, inlets and bays in this group on your own or with a half or full day guided kayak tour.

Enjoy the clear, tranquil waters and expect to see dolphins frolicking and turtles gliding gracefully through the water.

At the right time of year you may also be privy to whale sightings.

Some companies offer overnight camping trips or extended tours.

Push off from Shute Harbor – 160km north of Mackay.

Lounge on Great Keppel Island
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