7 Chic Outlet Shopping Destinations That Are Perfect for a Shopaholic ...


7 Chic Outlet Shopping Destinations That Are Perfect for a Shopaholic ...
7 Chic Outlet Shopping Destinations That Are Perfect for a Shopaholic ...

For those experienced (or what my dad would call "black belt") shoppers, you'll know exactly what I mean by chic outlet shopping destinations. To the newbies out there, rest assured you won't be in your seats for long before you grab your car keys and start making your way to the nearest chic outlet shopping destinations. Let's go!

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La Vallee Village - Paris

La Vallee Village - Paris This was the first out of all the chic outlet shopping destinations that I've ever been to. It's located near Euro Disneyland which is really convenient if you have kids - drop them off with a responsible adult, then go off for a day of incredible shopping.


Las Rozas Village - Madrid

Las Rozas Village - Madrid I was so looking forward to this when I saw it listed in my travel itinerary when I went to Madrid earlier this year! Until they canceled it. Yeah, that was a bummer. But I could have gone on my own - it's only half an hour away from city centre.


La Roca Village - Barcelona

La Roca Village - Barcelona I was able to make a stop here, and it more than made up for missing Madrid. I finally got to splurge There are quite a few Spanish labels here, unlike some of the other outlets, which specialize in American brands, so if you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, at a bargain price, stop (and shop) here!


Bicester Village - Oxfordshire

Bicester Village - Oxfordshire It might say London when you go to the web page, but it's actually in Oxfordshire. You can get there by train from Marylebone station. Even though it's the nearest one to me, I've never been there. Maybe a quick trip for some holiday shopping? They've got a little bit of everything, from Alexander McQueen to Yves Saint Laurent, and loads of your fave brands in between.


Fidenza Village - Milan

Fidenza Village - Milan It might be located almost two hours away from Milan Central Railway Station, but it's worth the trip! There are plenty of brands you'll recognize from the States (Calvin Klein, Fossil and Guess) but there are quite a few I've never beard of, and have fallen in love with, like FDN, Corso Roma, and Patrizia Pepe.


Wertheim Village - Frankfurt

Wertheim Village - Frankfurt Having just recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary, Wertheim Village is the first chic outlet shopping destination to ever exist in the world. It was this place that lead the pack and for that I'm eternally grateful. Like all the other villages, it's such a beautiful place. The whole environment is so picture perfect, making you want to stay there forever and just keep shopping. Brands include Belstaff, Falke, Liebeskind, and dozens more.


Suzhou Village - Shanghai

Suzhou Village - Shanghai There were a few more villages that I could've featured as my last pick, but I chose this one even though it's not even officially open yet! I'm really excited because it's the first one ever in Asia! It's a really smart move placing it in China, especially near Shanghai. Now I have even more reasons to visit. You should too! Look for boutiques and bargains from your favorite luxe brands, and a few new ones!

I just really love outlets like these because you can get quality stuff at a reasonable price. The Chic Outlet Villages are my favorites - they have all the brands I love! - but there are so many other outlet chains. Any other outlet destination suggestions?

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Try to goto japan in shibuya! Harajiku and ueno...

The shops on Capri in Italy are FAB U LOUS!!!

Suzhou village in Shanghai doesn't look appealing to me , it looks more like a fish market type thing...

Where is Kildare Village??

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