7 Best Island Countries to Visit ...


I’ve always thought that the best island countries out there are the ones that have the coolest names.

The first time I heard of Bora Bora, I thought that it must be the coolest place in the world since its name had been repeated twice!

There’s something wildly romantic, adventurous and exotic about visiting a country that is surrounded by water!

Here’s a countdown of the 7 best island countries to visit!

1. The Philippines

The Philippines

Chances are that any image that is shown to you of the Philippines will make you want to go there.

Not only is it one of the best island countries in the world, it’s also one of the most geographically stunning places you can ever set foot in.

This country contains more than 7,000 islands (crazy right?), and all of them are unique and wonderful in their own way.

In fact, if you visit the right islands during the right time of year, you may even feel like you have your own private island at your disposal.

2. The Maldives

The Maldives

Honestly, the Maldives is not only one of the best island countries to visit;

it’s also one of the most frequented honeymoon destinations.

It’s not hard to see why;

it’s the ultimate luxury destination.

Set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this country is made up of a whole series of ancient coral reefs that grew up and around pre-historic volcanoes.

Everywhere you look there’s a beautiful ocean, with boat cruises by the dozen, and gorgeous shorelines.

It would be a dream to go here!

3. Fiji


See what I mean about the island countries having the coolest names?

Fiji isn’t only a beautiful island;

it’s packed with loads of surprises for any adventurous individual.

Home to one of the best surf scenes in the world, loads of surfing enthusiasts travel to this island country every year to ride the waves.

If you love hiking, seeing gorgeous waterfalls, or just sitting on the beach and relaxing, this is the country for you to visit.

Fiji is definitely one of the best island countries out there!

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