9 Beautiful Cities Everyone Should Visit at Least Once in Their Lifetime ...


After years of travelling (and dreaming) I have developed a list of beautiful cities everyone should visit. Some of these places are cities I never would have dreamed of landing in, but somehow I did. Others are cities I had always dreamed of and they didn’t fail to meet my expectations! If you do get the chance to fly off somewhere, I personally feel that the following list of beautiful cities everyone should visit can drive some inspiration.

1. Accra


In 2012 I went volunteering and didn’t really expect to fall in love with the place I visited. In fact, out of all the beautiful cities everyone should visit, this is one of my most surprising favorites. Accra is the capital of Ghana. It is ridiculously busy, the sand on the beach is glaringly white, and the people are friendlier than anywhere I have ever been. Fortunately, the accommodation is so diverse and affordable that almost anybody can go there. If you do get the chance to go, give Makola Market a visit!

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