7 Places Called Christmas Where Santa Doesn't Live ...

Did you know there are actually a number of places called Christmas in the United States? And, interestingly, I could only find another two places called Christmas elsewhere in the world. I would have loved to see a town or village called Christmas in the UK but we have nothing that even comes close. I wonder if it is Christmas every day in these places called Christmas.

1. Christmas, Orange County, Florida

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When you think of places called Christmas, you probably don’t think of the Sunshine State. The weather in Florida is hardly what we associate with the holiday season. There is however, a very good reason why Christmas in Orange County is so named. During the Second Seminole War (1835-1842), 2,000 US Army Soldiers and volunteers from Alabama arrived in the area to build a fort. They named it Fort Christmas because they arrived on 25th December 1837. A settlement gradually grew, the fort was dropped from the name and today Christmas is home to just under 1200 people. You can visit a full size replica of the fort at Fort Christmas Historical Park.

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