Adrenaline Packed Adventures ⚡ for Thrill Seekers 💨 ...


You’ve leapt off into a void attached only to an elastic rope.

You’ve zip lined through the canopy of a rainforest.

You’ve rafted down a whitewater river and you’ve even been potholing.

You’ve maybe even dived with sharks.

So what is the next thrilling activity that will get your heart pumping?

Whether on vacation or a special trip, these thrilling adventures will get your adrenaline pumping.

1. Go Back to the Future with Fly Boarding

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Super popular in Australia, the USA and Dubai, fly boarding involves strapping yourself in to something of a skateboard/jet ski hybrid machine that shoots strong jets of water from under your feet propelling you into the air and across water.

More like something out of a James Bond movie, this is awesome for any Back to The Future fan that is tired of sitting around and waiting for the hover board that they were promised!

2. Release Your Inner Tarzan with Gorge Swings

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This is pretty much the ultimate in bungee jumping style thrill seeking, and you can Tarzan scream to your hearts content as you soar through the air on a giant gorge swing.

Some of the most popular in the world can be found across the Zambezi River in South Africa, giving you a 160ft free fall experience before you get close to the ground and swing up to start all over again!

3. Take Circus Skills to the Next Level with Mountain Unicycling

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If the thought of normal unicycling is just way too pedestrian for you, then why not take it up a notch and try out the new craze of mountain unicycling?2

Mountain biking is a big enough challenge already, but add just one wheel to the equation and you have an activity that is equally as dangerous as it is fun!

There is an International Unicycling Federation if you really wanted to get involved.

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