Weird US Attractions Worth a Side Trip ...

Every country has a wealth of weird attractions that you wouldn’t make a dedicated trip to see but if you happen to be in the area, they are worth a visit. And the USA is no exception. The country is well known for its bizarre roadside attractions – especially those along Route 66, but there are also plenty tucked away in all sorts of locations. Here are some weird US attractions I’d like to visit. Fancy coming with me?

1. Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Car in Primm, Nevada

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Lovers Bonnie and Clyde embarked on a massive crime spree that involved robbing banks and other establishments as well as murdering both police officers and civilians. Their life together was only upstaged by their violent deaths at the hands of Louisiana and Texas law enforcement when over 150 rounds were pumped into their car on a rural road in Louisiana in 1934. The bullet ridden 1934 Ford Deluxe 730 V8 Sedan can be seen in Primm, Nevada housed behind glass.

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