7 Strangely Fascinating Museums ...


7 Strangely Fascinating Museums ...
7 Strangely Fascinating Museums ...

Many people find museums to be stuffy and boring, but I assure you, they are not all sleep-inducing snore-fests; there are some very fascinating museums you may not know about. Scattered around the nation are mind boggling, disgusting, or jaw dropping exhibits. Many of them are interactive and actually educate you while entertaining you at the same time. These fascinating museums are well worth seeing whether you’re looking for a fun time, an odd education or just plain shock factor.

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Museum of Sex

Location: New York, NY
Website: museum.museumofsex.com

The Museum of Sex is full of information, both intellectual and practical, regarding sex and sexuality. They feature several exhibits each year which focus on different aspects of various sexual lifestyles. You can view erotic art galleries and explore a fetish or two as well as learn historic information regarding sexual practices and novelty devices. The Museum of Sex is not only one of the most fascinating museums; they also have a bar/café where all of the food and drinks served are aphrodisiacs. Occasionally they offer specialty classes such as "Pop His Rocket," which teaches the fine art of blow jobs or "Girlgasm," which teaches you how to achieve mind blowing orgasms. Sounds pretty good to me. There’s also a museum "gift shop" where you can buy any number of basic or insanely stimulating sex toys. This is great for a girls only trip or a visit with your partner!


The Mutter Museum

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Website: collegeofphysicians.org

The Mutter Museum offers people interested in the strange and odd a very unique opportunity. With 20,000 items ranging from plaster casts of the first Siamese twins to bizarre body abnormalities preserved in fluid, this is one attraction that will keep you grossed out and unbelievably fascinated for quite some time. You can explore the museum on your own, or attend the annual lecture. Seeing these incredible medical marvels with your own eyes is a truly unforgettable experience.


The National Crime Museum

Location: Washington DC
Website: crimemuseum.org

If you can’t get enough of CSI or Law & Order, this museum should be your next vacation destination. With interactive CSI labs that teach you how to gather and examine forensic evidence, as well as Top Detective Challenges, this is a fun and educational experience you will love! There are also exhibits such as Ted Bundy’s car and the Unibomber’s tools. Anyone interested in law enforcement, crime and punishment or how to use evidence to capture the right suspect will be able to find several exhibits, programs or activities to entertain them at this amazing museum.


International Spy Museum

Location: Washington DC
Website: spymuseum.org

Interested in learning about current or historic espionage tips and tricks? The International Spy Museum will show you everything you’re dying to know. Several of the museum operators have formerly worked for intelligence agencies and encourage you to ask any questions you may have regarding spy techniques. If you so choose, you will be given a "cover" and will be asked to memorize details about your cover story so you can see what it is like to play the role of someone else without breaking character. This museum is family friendly and fun for kids and adults alike!


The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Website: museumofquackery.com

This museum is full of strange and unusual things. Throughout history, doctors have tried peculiar ways of curing patients. Sometimes this involved making highly unusual contraptions and tools or performing unheard of procedures. This museum, fondly known as the Museum of Quackery, offers a look at the medical instruments created to perform unusual operations on sick individuals. The devices invented to aid desperate physicians will amaze and astound you! This is absolutely one of the most fascinating museums in the United States, and quite possibly, the world.


Museum of Bad Art

Location: Dedham & Somerville, MA
Website: museumofbadart.org

If you are looking for a museum that will keep you laughing throughout your visit, this is right up your alley. The Museum of Bad Art offers a look at the most horribly drawn or painted artwork you could imagine. From portraits and landscapes to nudes and symbolism, the array of poorly crafted artwork will keep you entertained and give you a lot to talk about. This museum is always 100% free, so next time you find yourself longing for some humor in Massachusetts, head on over and take a look!


Body World

Location: Traveling
Website: bodyworlds.com

This one is not technically a "museum," it is a traveling exhibit that brings its unique displays to crowds of people all across the globe. This is definitely not a show for everyone. Essentially, their exhibits show human and animal bodies stripped of their skin so you can see the muscles and tendons and how everything is connected on the inside. I know this sounds horrific and disgusting but it is strangely interesting to see what your body looks like in a way you have never experienced. The people and animals are posed in various positions from relaxation to intense activity so you can see the differences in the physique. Bodies of all ages are real and have been donated to the museum for the purpose of allowing others to explore the inner workings of the anatomic structure in a way they never have before.

These fascinating museums will blow your mind with the amount of strange and absurd information they lay before you. If you’re looking for a non-traditional museum, there is sure to be one that focuses on exactly what you are looking for. What is the most fascinating museum you have ever been to?

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@ZiggyCupcake the German based one? It visited our local science center in Ohio and there's like a bigger full museum in Germany but they had a small section of it that was transported across the world. I know what you're talking about!! It was so cool!

Body Worlds is a must see. I am a microbiology tech so this kind of stuff fascinates me, but I've taken my kids and they loved it. Gunther Von Hagens (exhibit creator) has an ongoing baby exhibit at OMSI (Oregon museum of science


@Mandies :-O I vacationed there last year and all I went to was madam Tusauds wax museum. Now that I know about this museum that you speak of, I'm DYING (pun intended) to go see it!!

@ZiggyCupcake that's awesome!! My friend Jaimie and I really want to see that exhibit. It sounds creepy but I think it would be incredible I see.

I saw the exhibit with the bodies stripped of skin so you could see the muscle and bone, and it was really cool! Kinda creepy, but still awesome.

If your ever in Hollywood California you should check out the Museum of Death! They have all sorts of interesting stuff including: letters from inmates on death row, a body bag and coffin collection, autopsy devices, original photos from famous murders, and many many videos of information. There's so much more on the self guided tour through the building it takes about 45 to an hour but the videos go for hours, for those who can handle it ;)

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