8 Websites with Brilliant Travel Deals ...


Travel deals are a must for anyone who wants a budget friendly trip, or more than one vacation per year. Travel deals might be a discounted package tour, a cheap flight, free hotel/airport transfers, seat upgrades or freebies such as free car rental with a self-contained villa. As an avid traveler, I love the way the Internet has made it so easy to find some great bargains that can take us all around the world. Here are 10 Websites with Brilliant Travel Deals:

1. travelzoo.com


24 million subscribers can’t be wrong! Divided into sections by country/continent, over 100 staff are employed in finding the very best travel deals. All offers are verified before being listed, so there’s little risk in clicking on your choice only to find it’s not available or it’s doubled in price by the time you reach the checkout.

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