7 Ways to Enjoy Sri Lanka's Hill Country ...

I know firsthand some ways to enjoy Sri Lanka’s Hill Country. I was lucky enough to spend three days in this charming location when I was on my trip to the Indian Ocean island country. After a few days on a paradise-worthy beach, the inland hills are a welcome respite from the blistering heat. Here are some of the awesome ways to enjoy Sri Lanka’s Hill Country.

1. Check out a Tea Plantation

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You can’t possibly say you’ve truly experienced Sri Lanka’s Hill Country until you visit a tea plantation. And the best place to do this is the Amba Estate, belonging to an artisanal tea producer. The manager of the property is… guess what? English. The manager is very friendly, knows everything one could possibly know about tea and is more than happy to share that knowledge, so be ready to learn. If you’re looking for comfortable yet rustic accommodation, I recommend you to stay at the Amba Estate Farmhouse, where you’ll be pampered like a queen – and never want to leave.

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