7 Unconventionally Romantic Destinations to Travel to ...

There are so many romantic destinations in the world, I sometimes wish there was a comprehensive list out there! You see, everyone has a different definition of romance: some love the flowers, some love adventure, and others define romance as a good concert and drinks after. Regardless, there is something out there for everyone! So here are 7 unconventionally romantic destinations to travel to!

1. Italy

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Let’s start off the list of romantic destinations to travel to with an oldie but goodie – Italy. There’s more to Italy than Rome. There’s Milan, Lake Como, Positano, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, seriously a huge list of places to go to! The beautiful thing about Italy is that there are so many different destinations for different types of travelers. Milan is for the fashion forward, or you and your other half will love Lake Como if you’re true romantics. Just take a look around and see what part of Italy calls to you!

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