8 Top Wildlife Photos Every Traveler Should Take ...

Taking wildlife photos is considered as one of the most difficult forms of photography. Although modern technology has made cameras so incredibly easy to use, they also have so many features you could use, that to take really spectacular wildlife photos, you need to spend two weeks reading the manual, and practicing on the pet cat before going on your trip. Of course, you might be happy with point and shoot pictures, and that is perfectly acceptable too. Itโ€™s your trip and your memories, after all. Capturing those wonderful animals you see on vacation is always going to be a special experience, but where should you be going for the best? Here are 8 Top Wildlife Photos Every Traveler Should Take:

1. Orcas - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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Photographing killer whales might be an overwhelming experience, but the results can be magnificent. Keep in mind that orcas usually donโ€™t attack people, unless they are attacked, or they feel threatened. Whale watching tours are common in Victoria, and whales are, therefore, relatively used to interacting with people. Arm yourself with a long telephoto lens because, although youโ€™ll get some great close up shots, the size of the animals means that to capture them in full, youโ€™ll need some distance shots.

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