Taking a Vaycay? 12 Beach Essentials to Pack in Your Bag ...

Summers at the beach are what make vacations so desirable. The calming sound of the ocean waves, the hot sun beating down on you, the scantily clad hotties playing beach volleyball...so if you're going to be hitting the sand and the sun this summer, you want to make sure that you bring all of the essentials with you. If you haven't made your "what to pack" list yet, here are 12 items to be sure you add.

1. A Sassy Swimsuit

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It goes without saying, but you need a swimsuit if you're going to the beach. Even if you're one of those girls like me, who doesn't swim or surf, but just lays out in the sun, you'll need a swimsuit to do that. Styles with fringe and bandeau style tops are popular this year.

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