The Most Epic Guide to Traveling like a Millionaire on a Budget ...

By Neecey

The Most Epic Guide to Traveling like a Millionaire on a Budget ...

Do you think that private jets and luxury accommodations are forever beyond your reach? If you believe a lucky lottery ticket is the only way you’ll be a jetsetter, think again. There are ways to travel like a millionaire without taking out a second mortgage or doing irreparable damage to your credit card balance.

1 Avoid Hotels

One of the best ways to travel on a budget is to avoid booking rooms in expensive hotels and instead look to the world of private holiday rentals. Depending on how many of you are travelling together, the cost of renting a multi bedroom house for a length of time can be much cheaper than the price of hotel room per night. Also, there is something much more exclusive feeling about staying in a house that you can call your own rather than being confined to a single hotel room or suite. Airbnb have some amazingly unique properties and don’t forget about glamping as an option too.

2 Private Plane

This might seem like something that is reserved exclusively for millionaires, but there are a few loopholes that could see you riding in your own private plane for a much smaller fee! offers a per hour rental of $5000 for chartering a plane, a fee that is still unreachable for most, but if you hang around for their last minute deals, you can actually bag an entire flight for figures as low as $550!

3 Off-Season

If you are on a budget and want to get more holiday luxury out of your money, then it’s always a great idea to book to travel and stay during the off-season of whichever country you are visiting. Fees always sky rocket during the summer, so if you can take time off during another part of the year, you will find that the figure you are willing to pay can get you a lot more than it would have in the most popular months.

4 Plan Dinner Ahead

Before you go out for your evening meal, pick a restaurant and take a look at their menu online. If you decide what you are going to eat and drink before you get there, you will be able to take the exact amount you need and then there will be no danger of overspending and having to cut back on other aspects of your holiday. It’s super easy to forget how much your tab is rising, so be sensible!

5 Exchange Rate

Be smart and make the most of the strength of the dollar versus other currencies across the world. Purposefully seek out destinations that are going to give you more holiday money when you exchange your dollar. It’s an effortless way of ensuring that you can have more to spend without doing anything once you arrive.

6 Travel Rewards

If you are a frequent traveler, it is a great idea to apply for a credit card that provides lots of travel rewards and perks. If you pick the right credit card then you can get discounts on things like flights, associated hotels, free checked baggage and even priority boarding; all the small things that make you feel more important!

7 Try Your Luck

After all, those who don’t ask don’t get! If you feel brave enough, you can always ask if there are any upgrades available, whether you are at the airport or the hotel. A lot of the time it will depend on the mood of the desk clerk you are asking, so always remember to be friendly!

8 Be an Airline Club Member for a Day

Why pay for a whole year's membership if you can just pay for the day on which you're flying and still get great benefits? A one day membership gets you access to the lounge at a minimum,s o you can relax in style before your flight. Each airline's benefits will differ so check them out before you choose who you fly with.

9 Beat the System

I could tell you to sign up to websites that keep a watch on prices or companies that will match prices if you find cheaper or offer refunds should their own prices drop. However, there are smarter ways to reduce your travel costs and it's about exploiting loopholes or working the system. Head on over to to learn more.

10 Long Term Travel is Achievable

Your idea of luxury travel may be the length of your trip rather than the means of transport and your accommodation. Trouble is unless you're a millionaire, long term travel usually means roughing it, local transport, accommodation at the budget end of the scale and maybe even working part of your trip. You can change all that according to the book "Stop Dreaming Start Traveling".

Vacation time is important so be sure to make the most of it.

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