8 Beneficial Packing Tips for Your Next Trip ...


8 Beneficial Packing Tips for Your Next Trip ...
8 Beneficial Packing Tips for Your Next Trip ...

If you plan on taking a trip in the near future, I’ve got some excellent packing tips to help you pack light and efficiently! Packing a suitcase has always been somewhat of a challenge for me because I want to have access to a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories without packing too much. However, what usually ended up happening was that I packed way too many things I never wore or needed. Learn from my mistakes with these helpful packing tips and pack smart for your next trip!

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Plan Ahead

One of the best packing tips I can give you is to plan ahead. What I mean by this is to find out what sort of amenities you’ll have at your hotel, motel or friend’s place. Are you going to have access to an iron, blow dryer, towels, etc.? Will you have to pack some large, bulky items or are you good to go with just clothes? Figure out what you’re going to need to pack in addition to your daily essentials to start off.


Check the Weather

In addition to figuring out what you’re going to need to pack, you’ll also want to check the weather of the places you’ll be visiting. Once you have an idea of what the weather is going to be like, pack accordingly. Avoid bringing “just in case” outfits that’ll only take up precious space in your luggage. It’s not often that the weather report will be completely off, trust your weather man or woman!



When you’re packing your suitcase, plan to rotate some of your clothes to preserve space and pack light. Items like pants, skirts and of course shoes can be rotated without it being blatantly obvious that you’re wearing the same clothes. Take different colored tops, accessories and scarves to mix things up and keep things interesting!


Roll It up

We can’t forget the ever-so-popular packing tip of rolling your clothes. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them makes more room in the suitcase and helps avoid wrinkles. When you’re packing your suitcase, make sure you start with the heaviest layers of rolled clothes first, then add the lighter rolled clothes on top. Packing your clothes this way will make it easier for the items to compress when you close the suitcase.


Layer Clothes

Another packing tip to keep in mind when you’re packing your suitcase is to plan on wearing layers. This way, you can rotate more clothes and you’ll have extra clothing in case it gets colder or warmer than planned. This packing tip also saves space since you won’t be packing a big coat or sweaters. Also, if it gets cold, it’s much more efficient to wear layers than one bulky item when it gets chilly.


Use Your Shoes

When you’re packing your suitcase and you have some small items that you don’t quite have a place for, use your shoes! Stuff stocks, stockings or any small items that you don’t have room for or that you don’t have pockets for so they don’t get lost in your luggage. If your shoes are dirty, use an old shower cap or plastic grocery bag to wrap up your shoes so they don’t get clothes or other items dirty.


Precious Cargo

If you’re packing any fragile items like a tablet or music player, be sure to pack those items in the middle of your suitcase. Packing delicate items in the center will ensure that you have “padding” and protection so they don't get damaged. However, if you’re flying on a plane and you plan on checking your luggage, it’s not a guarantee that your items will be safe. Stash these items in your carry-on or don’t take them if you don’t have to.


Choose Your Colors

If you’re really trying to downsize your suitcase and have very limited space, choose your clothing around a central color. Doing so will reduce the amount of shoes and accessories you’ll need and it’ll be much easier to pack corresponding items of clothing. Some easy colors to work with are black, tan or brown.

Packing for a trip doesn’t have to be a headache. Think of packing your suitcase like a game and try your best to pack the least amount of items necessary so your load is lighter, you don’ t have a bunch of unneeded items and you’ll have more room for shopping! Do you consider yourself to be an expert packer? What are some of your foolproof packing tips?

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